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Any disadvantages?

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Tony2Times/Prof. Chaos

The advantages of steaming is discussed in this entry but are there any disadvantages? I do like steamed vegetables, I find them much more crunchy and more full of taste but I've always wondered if other methods have nutritional advantages over it, though I highly doubt it.

Any disadvantages?

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I am not a 100 percent on this but I think "Raw Cooking" is a little better for you than cooking with any heat to include steam. I live in the Seattle area and it seems to be the new health rage out here.

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Any disadvantages?

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I don't know of any disadvantages - admitting to be new at this - what set me thinking was a number of large firms (those selling prepared and frozen vegetables) are now selling prepacked veg ready to be cooked steamed in their owned moisture by microwave and then a firm selling kitchen utensils is selling plastic bags to do your own in the microwave.
This brought on my opening gamit on joining here that I saw and bought an inexpensive steaming kit for use on gas or electric stoves to see how expensive that proved to go back to an "old fashioned" method.
Does expense come into this argument?

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