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Haze: Plan C seems to be working

Does conceptual art have to be done by an artist? I guess anything that questions it's own nature or throws a previously unknown light on an otherwise mundane sight is not art because it was not created, it merely happened.
Anyhow, why DO people PAY for art that is merely demonstartive. Once you get the point, that's it. LIke tellling someone that the word 'irony', in itself, contains no irony, and therefore does, then charging them $5000 once they understand.

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Stephen P.

With Conceptualism, the concept of the "artist" become blurry. That's one more reason why it has never been adequately defined. It questions not only the idea of art, but the idea of the creator. Artists have been set apart from the rest of society; Conceptualism removes this distinction.
Why people pay for anything depends on their feelings about the work. Some Conceptualists were surprised when their works sold - they had assumed them to be so ephemeral as to be unsellable. Perhaps it is the idea that people think they are buying. Of course, no one can buy an idea, try though they might.

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Haze: Plan C seems to be working

Tell that to Bill Gates.

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