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Researcher Ragnaschlock

How did this entry wind up under the "comics" section?

Why here?

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Researcher 170889

Do you suppose it could be here because the use of ZZZZZZ to imply sleep (or snoring) is most common (an probably originated) in the Sunday Newspaper Comic Strips?

Why here?

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It is my understanding that zzzzz represented the sound of a handsaw cutting logs, another old symbol of a person sleeping. "Sawing logs" was a turn of the century (the one before this one) phrase that euphonically represented the noise we call "snoring."

Why here?

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This is still used as a pictographic representation of sleep by some cartoonists - for instance the Guardian's Steve Bell, in his "If..." cartoon strip, will draw a log being sawn, inside a "thinks" balloon, to depict the inner dialogue of a sleeping character.

Anotheer nice way of describing the sleeper's "ZZZZZZ" is one I heard in the Army - "blowing zeds".

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