A Conversation for Picking People up using Trees


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I personnaly think that this would be a great way to save the rainforests. Just tell the "powers that be" that they gain that many more chances to have sex if they save all those trees.


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Pete *not quite dead yet*

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the more i read entries like these...
the more i'm convinced that all the people on this site are mad.
myself included.
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the other omylouse "multiply (1*6) by (6*1+0+3)!"

i think thats a grand idea photoguy! smiley - ok

omy smiley - cheerup


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Tree talkers are useless..just go up and screw the tree without asking. Better be a pussy willow they rock and don't talk..


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i recall that in john wells' 'a melon for ecstacy' - ('a woman for duty, a boy for pleasure and a melon for ecstacy') the central character fell in love with a particularly pert laburnum - all it needs is a brace and bit and a willingness to endure genital splinters

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