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Update now Episode III is out?

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I think it would be well worht considering an update. If you do, you could add this to the "Special Editions" section:

"The end of Return of the Jedi was re-cut to include shots of Coruscant and Tatooine celebrating the downfall of the Empire. A new score by John Williams was also added."

I heard the commentary of the film and apparently the 3 planets shown are Naboo, Coruscant (I think you can just about see the Jedi Temple in the background) and Bespin (Cloud City) though it's pretty hard to tell where any of them are.

Also, at the end of Return of the Jedi, Hayden Christensen has been put into the ghost bit instead of the original actor.

Great entry though!

Update now Episode III is out?

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The 2004 DVD changes would be a different sub section to the Special Editions since there are fair few changes:


(and the Revenge of the Sith dvd has documentary where the puppet Yoda from TPM has been replaced with CGI which suggests a future release with the difference)

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Update now Episode III is out?

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