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1) The added scene with Jabba the Hutt in 'Star Wars (Episode IV) Special Edition' was completely ruined because Han Solo referred to him as "a wonderful human being". I know that in the original shot Jabba was just a big fat guy, but when they super-imposed the new 'space slug' version of Jabba over the top, they could've changed the dialogue to indicate he was no longer human! They could've cut out the word 'human' and it would've made sense.

2) Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) utters possibly the worst line in cinema history in 'Star Wars Episode II' when he says "I don't like sand, it's so rough and coarse - not like your skin". Try that as a chat-up line in a pub and see how far it gets you.

3) People put their religion as 'Jedi' on official census because they hate government, they hate having to fill in a stupid census, and 'jedi' is a far more interesting thing to write than 'no religion'.

Random thoughts about Star Wars

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Just on point 1), irrespective of whether Jabba was played by a man or a slug, the sarcasm is fairly dripping from Han's voice, so this should be taken as an insult.

Random thoughts about Star Wars

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Oberon2001 (Scout)

1) There´s a really good docu about this scene on the 1997 special edition vid. Shows how they got past the fact Han Solo walks round Jabba at one point.

2) I think Hayden Christenenenenenenenesen (whoever) has been given the worst lines overall... or maybe it´s his delivery!

3) Good point.


Random thoughts about Star Wars

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1) The only good thing about the Special Editions of the original Star Wars Trilogy was Episode V: The Empire Strikes back, except for the fake scream that Luke makes when falling through the middle of the Cloud City.

2) Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) has been given the lines Geroge Lucas wanted him to have and acted the way he was directed to act. It's not his fault that Lucas can't write dialogue.

3) Being a Jedi is not a Religion. It is a lifestyle.

Random thoughts about Star Wars

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1) sarcasm
2) stupid line...it worked on my girlfriend when we went to the beach
3) I agree about Jedi being lifestyle, not religion.


Random thoughts about Star Wars

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Just a anally retentive jibe: Anakin actually says, "I don't like sand, it's coarse and rough and irritating...and it gets everywhere". It is a common misconception that he is refering abjectly to Padme's skin, he is just lightly stroking her arm when he speaks - a subconscious linkage.

The worst lines are nearly always doubly bad because of the dire delivery, but that's green screening for you.smiley - winkeye

Random thoughts about Star Wars

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smiley - smiley1.Solo was joking when he called Jabba 'a wonderful human being'.
The joke was because
a.Jabba isn't human.

b.He's only wonderful if you're being sarcastic.

C.It is a big insult to call a hutt a human,
Hutts despise humans for having things like
honesty and charity, as they are completely
against Hutt values (They respect you if you lie
and cheat.)

smiley - biggrinWhen Han met Jabba for the first time he was looking for a job and, despite being human, he was deemed acceptable because he amused Jabba with his disrespect and determination. This was despite the fact he could have been hunted down and Killed for it.
Not many people with a bounty on their heads would disrespect Jabba.

smiley - smiley2.Give the Kid a break, He grew up on a dessert planet with a huge amount of sand. Even the houses were rough and sandy, it's not entirely supprising he found smoothness a good quality.Besides somewhere in the back of his mind he was probably missing his mother who he also loves, She's still stuck on sandy Tatooine.(With Amidala standind there in that dress I don't think he was concentrating completely on what he was saying anyway.)

The script had to take into account points like these.

Mind you if someone tryed to use a line like that on me...
..I'd run a mile.smiley - run

smiley - smiley3.Have to admit you have a point.smiley - smiley

Random thoughts about Star Wars

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just as a point, in episode 4, in a conversation between darth vader and a military commander, vaders beliefs were refered to as a religion, without objection to the reference designating it as one, and if "sith" is a religion, this technically makes "jedi" a religion due to the relationship between the two, as gods are not required for beliefs to be a religion. however, even though "jedi" and "sith" are religions, because they were 'invented' as part of a fictional product, and they do not involve the worship of any gods, they will not be considered to be so, instead just being considered as a 'way of life'

Random thoughts about Star Wars

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Re people putting Jedi as their religion, this was the result of an email that was circulated around 2001. Explained below (extract from http://www.gonmad.co.uk/jedicensus/ -- this website is dedicated to the Jedi census project)

The original email

"a suggestion for next weeks census....
question 18 deals with religion, if like me, you believe in no one specific religion or just simply object to answering that particular question, then please consider the following alternative..... we are trying to encourage people to tick the 'other' box and then fill their religion in as "JEDI" - all Star Wars fans will understand, but the point of the exercise is two-fold...
1. if 8000 people throughout new zealand do this then JEDI will become an officially recognized religion which would be a laugh, and
2. it's a bit of an experiment in the power of email, as that has been our primary means of communication, that's not to say that you can't tell others about in other ways.
but I would urge you to do the above and pass this message/idea on to as many of your friends, relatives etc as you can so we can reach the magic number of 8000, be swift as we don't have a lot of time left!
May the Force be with you"

Random thoughts about Star Wars

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I'm not sure how that was meant.
It could be a way of ridiculing it,as in your 'religion',
It could mean it's a religion,
Or it could mean the guy (I forgett his name)doesn't know what he's talking about and think's he's facing his eqivelent to a guy who belives in fairies.

Just a thought.smiley - smiley

Random thoughts about Star Wars

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I'd disagree with Scumbag's statement about the worst line in cinema history (though I must admit that Anakin's mutterings are very bland)

Imho, worst line in cinematic history belongs to Neo and Trinity in Matrix Revolutions..

Neo: "Trinity! You can't die!"
Trinity: "Yes I can"
(heard when trinity gets spiked on those funky tentacle-like things towards the end of the movie)

even thinking about it makes me weak...

smiley - smiley

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