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Since a few years I visit the virtual café of a Dutch erotic website for women, although men are "tolerated, if they behave reserved".
My national quality newspaper had written about it and so I surfed to see for myself. The website appeared to have different kinds of forums. Forums about sex in all it's diversities, including many practical questions, stories from female members, a forum for male members, photogalleries, etc. etc. ánd, as I said, a virtual café.

The whole website is nót commercial. It's all done by female volunteers and just one paid full-timer. A woman, ofcourse.
The atmosphere is unique ,compared to what I think the rest is at the www.
Visitors are mainly 20 to 40. Discussions in the café are held with care and a very mature attitude. And there's a lot of humor.A lot to laugh about.Really.

One or two times in a year about 20 members of the website meet each other in a café in Holland or Belgium. Last time I joined too, because the meeting was in Amsterdam. It was a very warm experience. I really enjoyed it and some others too, who went home a few days later.....

During my very first visit, I posted one of my stories in the topic "my first time". It was the story "Tracy, my first love" F134334?thread=304462 and I received unexpectedly at that website lots of postings. It was overwhelming and after some time it inspired me to write more and more stories and when I discovered h2g2 it appeared to be a real home for me to write and share it here with you.

Besides a lot of "off topics" and friendships and humor, there appear to be at that site also a few blogs. I did not know that, because the café is the heart of the website and I mainly stay and post there.
So I suddenly discovered this week the blogs. They appear to exist already for years.
The first one I did read was Marianne´s life with bdsm = bondage,dominance, sadism and masochism.

In the passed years I really changed my prejudices about it.
The women who explained their opinions and experiences in the virtual café described it in terms of "balance","choice","delicate","intimate","orgasms","give and take",
"mature", choices, freedom, etc. etc.

It's true that men believe SM-women just want to be treated as a pig, etc. etc. It says more about them and me, then about the women who enjoy it and appear to be courageous and unshamed enough to even share, with their nickname.

It is true, that men are far more conservative than women regarding sex.

One of the women I know from the virtual cafe for years, appears to be one of the blogwriters I just descovered. I know her as an intelligent, warm, caring person with an open attitude towards life.

Before I started to read some postings of her blog, I was very surprised by the introduction,written by the director of the content of that website.
"Marianne, an intentional female slave has just passed her 30 years of age. She lives in a far advanced bdsm-relation. Master Peter is her owner, literally !. Here you'll find extracts of her diary. Everything is made public with the approval of her master".
End of her quote.

I did feel knocked out.
I choose to respond about it carefully in the virtual café. I have not looked at the postings after mine.

Because there's a huge difference between "game" and "literal" and to me it should stay that way.

Greetings from Amsterdam


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If anyone (male/female) would like to create sex-name; here you can;


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