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Fun with Karaoke

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Administrator-General (5+0+9)*3+0

One bit of fun which may be had with karaoke is: playing a tape for one song while singing another. I've gotten good results with the tape for "Route 66" mixed with the lyrics for the Blue Oyster Cult song "Shadow of California".

Another bit of karaoke fun is: playing no tape while singing a song of your own choosing. This is particularly useful when the karaoke vendor has neglected to provide music for the song you want. The Pink Floyd song "One of These Days (I'm Going to Cut You Into Little Pieces)" is a prime example of a song which seldom appears in karaoke. And its lyrics take about five seconds; the rest is instrumental, and may be omitted.

Karaoke Sabotage

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The Wisest Fool

A lot of big karaoke places have got quite sophisticated and take the output from the microphone through all manner of reverb, delay, chorus, harmonizer and other such weird and wonderful effect units.
Much fun can be had when the person on the mixer goes for a slash and you can reset all the effects.
Thus, the next unlucky punter has to sing while hearing their own voice on a two second delay, pitch-shifted up 2 octaves into Pinky and Perky territory.

Karaoke Sabotage

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So what are the top twenty Karaoke songs then?

Karaoke Sabotage

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Administrator-General (5+0+9)*3+0

I believe the correct answer is "Who really cares?"

Karaoke Sabotage

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Lupa Mirabilis, Serious Inquisitor

I care. But I have no idea myself.

Fun with Karaoke?

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Mo Power (Itching Cucumber, Lord of Nonsense elect)

Karaoke is NOT at all funny.

Fun with Karaoke?

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Dinnerlady [The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom]William Blake. Top lad:)

People always think it's rubbish if they can't sing smiley - winkeye

Fun with Karaoke?

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if everyone thinks they're rubbish and can't sing why not try it out at home first.

Karaoke makes it's next step into the Home with Karaoke DVD discs made specially for the home market.... that play on any DVD player... you don't need any karaoke functions at all...

And the best bit... the quality of the sound tracks is excellent. Each sound track has been recorded with all live instruments.. no dodgy midy file sounds here..

Just put the disc in your DVD player, choose a track and sing away. For any questions about this please e-mail [email protected] or have a look at their website.. http://www.homestarkaraoke.com

Have a good day

and happy singing

Fun with Karaoke?

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I have all my favourite Karaoke tracks on DVD or CDG format, If I go to a pub which does not have my songs I ask the host to play them. This way I don't get any Dodgy backing tracks or Wrong versions of the songs I chose to sing. This doesn't work for those with computer systems of course.

Not all Karaoke singers need be Inebriated, Some compete In bar competitions. Personally for me I'm using it as a tool to get rid of stage nerves and so I can learn all of my favourite songs. It is a hobby for me. Its also good for the singer who starts singing late in life and feels it is too late to sing professionally. Mind you its great when you turn up at karaoke venues where people don't know you, the shout sack the singer because they think I'm a profesional. Ooh so much jealousy in karaoke world. (secretly I would love to be a club singer lol)smiley - smiley

Fun with Karaoke?

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And on the subject of sabotage. Hosts can now change the key against the singers vocals, put the base on full, turn the base off and put the echo on full so we sound like we're singing down the toilet, switch off moniter speakers and base up full so the singer can't hear their own vocals (then tell them to sing up) Oh and get awful backing discs. The best one is not putting the lyrics on the moniter and blaming the CD, But its even better if the singer has learned the lyrics off by heart and gets the host back smiley - smiley

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