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Is mise Duncan

Cue newspaper articles on the demise of the premiership as compared to international opposition etc....damned exciting match though, wasn't it.

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Dr Prunesquallor

Yep it was a very open game. Man Utd didnt have any luck did they.
Roy Keane og - couldnt happen to a nicer chap! Ha!

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At least we now know that the Lord does exist! What about Redondo's flick past Stam before squaring it to Raul to make it 3-0? Genius! 3-2! 3-2! 3-2! April 19th was a great day for the beautiful game. Football fans around the world unite! Viva Raul!

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Nows the time to reflect on the end of the 1999-2000 premier league season. A time where on the last match they had to play the mighty liverpool couldnt beat the lowly bradford to secure a place in the champions league for 00-01. Im fact im being kind, liverpool with 4 of the most expensive players in british football 1 being a so called international striker couldnt put 1 past bradford, the lowly bradford with no expensive players and an average player age of 33. A season that ended with the even greater Arsenal who while fielding 4 international strikers couldnt put any past the turkish side galataseri? to loose 4-1 on penalties. thats 4 international strikers who cant score penalties.
A season where the continual bitching about man u carried on,
im a man u supporter, my dads a man u supporter, and my grandads a man u supporter. I cant see why people have a problem with them. They are there to be beaten. if newcastle can turn us over 3-0 and chelsea can stuff us 5-0 why cant anybody see that they are no better than any other club? Its the bithing about "buying success" and "theyve got the best players". when what people are realy trying to say is:
"our team fell apart at the back"
"our team botteld it"
"our tactics were wrong"
"our team doesnt practise enough"
Ill tell you something else as well, how many supporters of underachieving teams call David Beckham every name under the sun during league games when he plays for united, but will be going:

Gratuitous bitching about Manchester United ...

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Can I just say that the first thing I saw on arrival in Brazzaville, Rep of Congo was a guy in a Manchester United strip ? He probably goes on an annual trip to the MU Megastore in a coach up the M6 with a "Brazzaville Reds" Union Jack in the back.

Gratuitous bitching about Manchester United ...

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I think there were but a few mentions of that club, and it was only mentioned as an example of the glory hunting nature of a fair proportion of top premiership club supporters. I accept that Liverpool were the club of choice back in the 70's and mid 80's, but to see this as specifically related to Manchester United seems a little short sighted.

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Captain Kebab

I am from Manchester. I was brought up there. I still live in the area and work in central Manchester. I support, and always have supported Manchester City. I supported them when they were Champions (long, long ago when the world was young), I supported them when they were relegated to the second division. The same is true of most of my friends. I have a soft spot for Bury which is now my nearest professional side, and generally would like to see other local sides (Oldham Athletic, Bolton Wanderers) succeed.

I don't and didn't dislike Liverpool or Arsenal when they were winning trophies, although I did get a bit fed up with Liverpool when they were winning everything in sight for so long. But I don't like Manchester United. I don't know why (actually I do know why, but I don't have time). Maybe it's me. Maybe it's them. I think it's them.

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Capt Corelli

it is them trust the captain, honest attitude fella

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Bebel Matman Owlatron's Thundercat Tshirt Dude

I think it's a load of rubbish. Everyone supports their team, cheering them on and hoping they'll do better, earn more money, and so grow even more, which is what Manchester United have been doing for so long and now everyone hates them because they're doing well. It's pathetic. Only among the ignorant morons who make up the vast majority of club football fans would such blatant jealousy be flaunted so flagrantly.
Although that said, this joke is mildly funny;

Name 3 english football teams whose names contain a swearword...


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Researcher 226193

what's the difference between a Man Utd fan and a shopping trolley?

A shopping trolley has a mind of its own.


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Bebel Matman Owlatron's Thundercat Tshirt Dude

OK, no-one picked up the bait, so here goes;

Name three English football clubs with a swear word in their name?


1) ARSEnal
2) sCUNThorpe

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