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Other h2g2 rock climbers?

Post 21


I've climbed in the Peak district and in Southern Ontario.

Of course, the fact I was at uni in/near those places helped.

Other h2g2 rock climbers?

Post 22

cafram - in the states.

I was meant to be doing a lead climbers course this weekend, but the silly buggers cancelled it! smiley - wah

Other h2g2 rock climbers?

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soeasilyamused, or sea

smiley - sadface

i used to climb a lot during my senior year of high school.... now i don't have the time for it! smiley - cry i miss it a lot. i miss the strength i used to have in my hands.... *sniff* i could open jars!!!! smiley - wah

Other h2g2 rock climbers?

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cafram - in the states.

...and now you have to gat a nice strong guy to do it for you...?

Nothing wrong with that!! smiley - winkeye

Other h2g2 rock climbers?

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Big Sis Opt Minister of love, life and laughter and ACE

I am a big fan of the adventure sport and tomorrow I am volunteering to do rock climbing with people with disabilities who are less fortunate than myself.

Other h2g2 rock climbers?

Post 26

cafram - in the states.

Good work! smiley - ok

I just got a harness, some nuts and draws for my birthday (am I stoked? Oh yeah, I'm stoked! smiley - wow), but stupid work commitments mean I haven't been able to use them yet! smiley - wah

Maybe next week...! smiley - erm

Other h2g2 rock climbers?

Post 27

sully (the wood elf)

Ive noticed that the world seems to hve a northern boundary in north america that ends in squamish. I know of Quite a few places north of there that have marvolus(?) climbing like Williams Lake, Jasper, Lake Louise, Chetwind, and last but not least we are developing a great new crag in Prince George.

Sullysmiley - elf

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