A Conversation for Towels

My Towel

Post 21

SandwichMakerFromBob (4*4-3+4+17+8) [Doom Kitten]

i have a cut- nail too
didn't think any one else would have one

My Towel

Post 22


- Towel
- 1-2 books
- Notebook/notepad
- Pen
- Mechanical pencil
- Eraser
- Swiss army knife
- Metal ruler
- a bunch of otherwise useless papers (It is amazing how useful a piece of paper you don't mind losing can be).

My Towel

Post 23

SandwichMakerFromBob (4*4-3+4+17+8) [Doom Kitten]

the best kind of useless paper is that chinese stuff that electrical intructions are printed on. i swear people stare at that stuff for ages like they can read it, and then the expression on their face when they realize they've been staring at chinese for twenty minutes is priceless.

My Towel

Post 24


i like my towelsmiley - biggrin

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