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Danger: Paperclips?

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I have a rather urgent question:
What, exactly, are paperclips made of? The normal, metal ones, I mean. Because I have observed that certain varieties get little sparkly things all over your hands when you try to bend them into earrings, and I wondered whether those are toxic. Similarly, when I spent several hours last year making long chains of interestingly bent paperclips (of a different variety - the kind that stains one's hands gray rather than losing sparkly things), I felt rather...interesting. Do paper clips cause brain damage? Is it harmful to wear them through your ears like earrings? What about eating off of them?

Danger: Paperclips?

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The sparkly stuff is most likely due to your clips being chromed, and the gray stains are metal oxide and/or dirt. Everything is harmful if you ingest large enough amounts and I'm no toxologist, so I won't attempt to tell you when you need to worry, but unless you eat several boxes or straighten the pins and show them into your brain I don't think you'll suffer braindamage. On the other hand I wouldn't use them as earrings. Stuffing unknown alloys into holes in your body is a good way to get allergies.

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