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An unknown and useless fact about paperclips

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There are not many who know that the paperclip was invented by a Norwegian named Johan Vaaler in the year of 1899.

The paperclip, ("binders" in norwegian), is 100 year!

I wonder if anyone is collecting olde p-clips? Is there a way of knowing a p-clips age?

Oh - never minde.smiley - smiley
And- yes I'm from one of the famous Norwegian fjords
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An unknown and useless fact about paperclips

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I KNEW THAT!!!!.....I KNEW THAT!!!!.....(but only because my dear husband Fairly Strange is full of odd little trivia) smiley - smiley
btw....did you figure out what we were trying to tell you about your h2g2 from home and work???
monsy smiley - fish

An unknown and useless fact about paperclips

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Yes, but as I understood it I have to go to my computer at work and send the e-mail home and then open it here and...
What was it again......?
Am I far out smiley - smiley ?

And I'm still at home! I think the first answer got lost somewhere in the "Join the fightII"- forum
Yes -it did.

Gratefully yours

An unknown and useless fact about paperclips

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at your home computer type in the web address www.h2g2.com
then click go or whatever it says to send you to that webpage
once there click where it says to click if this is not your e-mail address,
it will have you type in your e-mail address and this is where you type in your work e-mail address.
it will then send you the re-registration form to your office e-mail address.
once you return to your office and are online go to your e-mail and forward that re-registration form to your home computer.
when you get home open it and then do as it says,
when it brings up your correct page save it for easy access and you will then be able to use the same h2g2 name whether at home or at work.
i had to do this as well smiley - smiley
monsy smiley - fish

An unknown and useless fact about paperclips

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i knew that they were inented by a norwegean guy around the year 1899. i read a book about the history of standard objects such as sivlerware and paperclips

An unknown and useless fact about paperclips

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Paperclips are ubiquitous in every office. The advent of the so-called "paperless" office with computers has not occurred, and paperclips will always be in high demand.

But what of recycling used paperclips? God, in my office they are thrown away in droves binding the junk mail together. Or realigning those that are carelessly bent into every imaginable shape during endless meetings?

I wonder if a properly prepared business plan would get me funding to pursue this untapped source of income?

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