A Conversation for Kites

Mr Sub-Editor Sir!

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Ginger The Feisty

I don't mean to be picky but in the last paragraph the word "take" should be "taken" or the sentence makes no sense!

Mr Sub-Editor Sir!

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The Dancing Tree

Thanks. Will amend and give to Mark with the next batch.

Mr Sub-Editor Sir!

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Mark Moxon

Sorted. Thanks, eagle eyes.

Mr Sub-Editor Sir!

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In the classic film, MARY POPPINS, they all get happy at the end and sing about kites. . .There is a line I have always disliked in this song:
"With tuppence for paper and string, we can do almost anything"
First; Paper and string don't cost 'tuppence' (two pence sterling for any one who's not sure)
Second; You CANNOT do almost anything with two pence sterling to buy string and paper. Sure, you can do some stuff with it, but not ANYTHING. Come on Disney, I didn't believe it as a kid and I don't now.

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