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what, no kite flyers?

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I have just got back from going to the Island of Fuerteventura, and I took my kite. A great place and the perfect place to fly a kite. The have a virtually constant wind speed of about 15miles per hour - blue skies virtually all year round - temperatures around 22c all year and great sea's if you want to try kite surfing.

A truely great place and one that is worth thinking about when considering flyiing a kite on holiday.

what, no kite flyers?

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Maybe I'm missing the point here, but if anyone is interested I have just come back from a holiday in Fuerteventura (the Canary Islands) and I had a cracking time flying my kite over there. The Island has a virtualy constant wind, and is truly great for kite flying, so much so that my wife and I are moving out there in the next few weeks. No, we are not moving there just to fly the kites but it is a thought that I will be thinking of whilst I am flying my 'Spirit of Air', Lazer kite. It's a new kite, that I have just bought as the last one I owned has got a little bit tired and therefore I am up-grading.

If anyone is looking for a holiday and would like to also fly a kite or two whilst away, then consider the Isalnd of Fuerteventura. There is all sorts of windy sports going on including windsurfing, kite-surfing and such-like. They also, I understand, have a sort of kite Carnival in October and I am looking forward to that.

what, no kite flyers?

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Oops, the new kite is a 'Javelin' and not the 'Lazer'. It doesn't take much to confuse me and I'm confused again. The Laxer is the old kite.

Anyway, think about the holiday in the Canaries for those of you that want and can manage that kite flying, time away........

what, no kite flyers?

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There are loads of us about, I have recently completed a kite buggy and powerkite instructors course, I have opened an online shop


and hope to jack the day job one day. Kites are becoming so technical in design and performance.

We have some excellent locations in the UK, but insurance and membership are often necessary to fly at places like Hoylake and now in South Wales. I have friends who have been to fuerte and didn't want to come back. I haven't been for that very reason.

People now kite on mountan boards, inline skates, skis, snowboards, kitesurf boards, buggies the list is endless.

chillikites will hopefully be producing some innovative gear in the near future

what, no kite flyers?

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cloughie(Patron Saint of Flying Pigs)stop by my barbecue! A520318

hello kite flyers again! chillikites dude, i will be in touch. looking to start my own shop here in the Northeastern US. Check my page for the best US kite store yet... Great pics. CHEERS!

what, no kite flyers?

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Here's another kite flyer, new to h2g2.

I have a few single-line kites to fly with the family at the beach (a few I made from paper and plastic myself), a soft foil 2-liner and a 6 foot Stacker. I've just bought an 8-footer off ebay smiley - smiley, but it's still in the post smiley - sadface.


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