A Conversation for Enola Gay and the Bombing of Hiroshima

Excellent Article!

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I must admit, this is an engrossing read. WWII is a source of endless fascination for me.

I especially loved the paragraph that described the British Servicemen destroying the German Heavy Water plant - I personally have never heard of them, but it strikes me that if it wasn't for these individuals it might have been Germany that dropped the first A-Bomb.

How interesting modern life would be if that had happened...

Congrats on a superbly written and evocative entry!

Excellent Article!

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Vicki Virago - Proud Mother

Thank you so much!

This entry did in fact drive me close to tears once it was done.

Excellent Article!

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Yes, this is a great article. Well written!

The Telemark attack is the subject of the film, The Heroes of Telemark starring Kirk Douglas.

As mentioned in the entry the British commandos died in the crash or were caught and executed and the task was left to Norwegian soldiers. The real story is one of limited supplies and near starvation as they hid in the woods for weeks eating moss scraped from rocks until they could complete the mission.

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