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Athens, G.

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Red Shirt

Athens, Greece's sky must not be much better than the sky of Athens, Georgia, The United States. There, the problem is not pollution (although it is in Atlanta). The problem with Athens, Georgia's sky is all of the city lights. Looking up into the sky is like being an ant looking through a glass dish with the cat's milk in it. Athenians learn only to look down at the streets to avoid tramping in a puddle of alcohol and completely ignore the unseen stars.

Athens, G.

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Drool Frood the Second

To revert to Athens Greece, I totally agree with your comments
I would like to add that Athens Airport is one of the worse places
to spend a night (full of pervy types)
If you have to wait there anytime I suggest you hold on tight to your belongings.

Athens, G.

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Is this Athens, Georgia, the Athens where R.E.M. come from? This might explain Michael Stipe's state of mind, if this town is really as horrible as you describe

Athens, G.

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I have to agree with you. As a twelve year old I had to wait there for six hours for a flight to Montreal. The cigarettes forced me outside and the yellow sky and feral dogs sent me back in again. My mom told me to ignore the Gypsy woman + baby in the bathroom ("It's not even her baby she just borrowed it to beg for money")

Athens, G.

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Gnomon - time to move on

The old Athens airport has been closed down, and there's a shiny new one in a completely new location.

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