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Beware of Taxi Drivers

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I lived in many places in this universe, but the Greek Drivers are mutated Vogons.
Especially Taxi drivers and more specific, Taxi drivers in Athens.

Taxi drivers in Athens are really Vogons in vacation. They drive yellow things, looking like small Vogon spacecrafts and they have an urge to hear strange and awfull poetry trough little devices they call radio.

Beware: a taxi in Athens will stop anywhere, anytime, without caring about other vehicles on the street, so if you dare to drive in Athens, stay away from yellow cars.

The vogon who is driving it, will charge you whatever he feels like and whatever he thinks you can afford. A 10-minute ride from the Airport to the center of the city could cost from 1000 drachmas up to 20 times as much if you are Japanese. Surprisingly, the meter will show the exact amount.

Also, the driver may get lost on the way (remember he is just a vogon on vacation), he will pack the car full with people (up to 6 passengers easily fit inside a 1970s opel kadet), he will start talking to you in some strange language and if you are a goodlooking girl travelling alone, he will insist on having a cofee with him.

The only living organism that can survive unharmed an encounter with a Greek Taxi Driver is an Albanian National: The Taxi driver will blatantly refuse to pick him up.

Beware of Taxi Drivers

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Schrödinger's Cat-flap

*gulps*... I'm going to Greece tonight and the first thing I'm doing when I get there is get in a taxi to my hotel... I'm really freaked out now.
Oh well...

Beware of Taxi Drivers

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Researcher 215046

I would have to add, that usually the taxi driver has a very strict idea of where he wants to go, so if you tell him, where you want to go, it is not at all unusual for him to say, that this is not where he wants to go (if he says anything at all - usually they just shake their heads and drive on).

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