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It is curious that information on Greece like the one posted on 9th of August 1999 are not updated even though they are out of date. The section about the Greek Attitudes to Life could have been written about Greece in the 19th century since many of its arguments are completely antiquated. For example the role of women in Greece exclusively as children care takers and house wives is utterly mistaken. 40% of the workforce in Greece is comprised by women, there are more women than men studying in the universities, with the overall percentage of young people having a higher education exceeding the average of the EU countries. One has to note here that an unusually high number of Greek female as well as male students study in some of the best universities around the globe (USA, UK, Germany, France, etc).
Also the above mentioned posting is completely inaccurate as far as much of its touristic information is concerned. For example, the section referring to the region of Epirus as an area that "is little frequented and has very little of interest to the tourist" shows an impressive ignorance about one of the most beautiful parts of Greece and the famous group of villages called Zagoroxoria, truly worth visiting for most of the well informed tourists seeking to avoid a British-style typical holiday in Greece dominated simply by lager beer consumption...
I hope people with a real and profound understanding of the life in Greece will offer their knowledge to update/improve much of the information offered on Greece in this site.
Thank you.

Update your Information on Greece

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Gnomon - time to move on

Thanks for your comments.

I wrote most of that, and it is based on my own observations as recently as 2006, so it is far from out of date. The comments about Epirus are based purely on what I read in guide books, as I have not been to Epirus, but they are an accurate reflection of what the authors of many different guide books have found.

I constantly strive to keep the entries on Greece up to date and change them each year when I return from Greece after my annual holidays there. When I see a change in the attitudes of Greek people to women, I will certainly change the Entry to reflect this.

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Update your Information on Greece

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