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Alpha Centauri

Post 21

Hilarious Joke

It's exceptionally hard to put on a &-shirt (I nearly broke my arm in the process).

Alpha Centauri

Post 22


I can imagine someone trying to wear a @-shirt.

Alpha Centauri

Post 23

Hilarious Joke

I've got the whole >*<
^ suit going.

Alpha Centauri

Post 24


I agree that beaming the Spice Girls into outer space is about the most immensly stupid idea anyone ever had. Why not beam something sensible and useful, like a decent recipe for brewing good wine smiley - bubbly, or perhaps footage of the England versus Germany match in 1966 smiley - cool!
An even better idea may even be an SOS so that some superior life form can come and tick off all the politicians and corporate CEOs who seem hell bent on allowing us all to devour the last few vestiges of life supporting sustenance on this planet. Perhaps they'll show us how its meant to be done, so we can keep on doing it a bit longer...

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