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Alpha Centauri my home

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Researcher 51749

Foolish Earthling

There is indeed sentient life from Alpha Centauri, where do you think I came from. My home planet actually shares the three stars. As the gravitational pull of one exceeds the other our planet IKJKLLN changes orbit to suit. This may seem impossible, but if you read Ford Prefect's famous paper on the phenomenon all will become clear.


Alpha Centauri my home

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Fruitbat (Eric the)

Over the course of several months of connection with H2G2 I've come to the conclusion that most of us feel as though we were either dropped here 1)accidentally, and are just waiting for the mistake to be recitifed; 2)deliberately, by someone with either a demented sense of humour or as punishment for some incredible act of irresponsibility that saw just desserts by dropping us here; 3)following a bad drunk.

Some years ago I had to face the awful realisation that, despite my feeling that my time here has all been a cruel joke, I'm wedded to this planet as the only one we collectively know of that can support my biological system.
Even if I could leave, where would I go? (I can thank Robert Heinlein's Time Enough For Love for this mental connection.) And how would I get there? And once there, what would I do? Whom would I know? Could I even communicate...?

After having to grapple emotionally with the outcome of that line of questioning, I had to conclude that, as much as there are some truly demented people and behaviours on this planet, the majority of people are worthwhile and I have to do whatever I can to make this planet a better place...for me and everyone else.

BTW: How's that planet-name pronounced, anyway (phonetically, please)?


Alpha Centauri my home

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Three Headed Sarahs, the friendy three-headed bird from ff 243

Sorry, but that is impossible, there is life, but not as you know it Dim. And the life there is is on no planet but on the sun of Proxima.

Been there, done it, bought the F-Shirt.

Remember that Mr. Adams might have been a creative genius, but he never once left this planet.

Alpha Centauri my home

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I am from the neiboring vampiric planet of Vampyre489.

Alpha Centauri my home

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Petulant Abacus

Mr Adams may not have left the planet (to our knowledge, i might add - even my extensive surveillance failed to document ALL of his activities), his brain ventured further and more amusingly than most other people or creatures could dream of.

I've been to alpha centauri by the way. (Dentrassis cooks picked me up, but i had to jump ship or face Vogon poetry).

Nice stars. Very scenic.
Cheapskate snack vendor gouged me though. Don't ask me how much he was charging for those pan galactic gargle blasters - and the guide tells you how to make them to!

Yet more proof that, no matter how wonderuful this universe is, there will always, ALWAYS be an opportunistic little man selling bad snacks and dodgy t-shirts.
Or F-shirts, depending on how many arms your shirt needs to cater for.

Alpha Centauri my home

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Could you pick me up in your spaceship, and take me for a visit.
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