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I have chronic Urticaria and have been on antihistamines for 10 years now - Levocetirizine.

None of my doctors are bothered by it and don't seem to want to find out what is causing it, they are happy to shove the prescription in my hand and leave me to it.

Although I have sensitive skin and am allergic to certain metals, and medicines, perfumes - including shampoos, soap, creams etc and sometimes the sun they still, no matter how hard I persevere are not interested in helping me find out what I am allergic too.

As I have gotten older I find I am allergic to more things - I don't know about you but it is a real pain.

Most Doctors

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I'm having some hives now but I can link it back to a snack I've been eating these few days. It was an acute attack but has died down a lot. I used to have hives when I was working. I would start itching all over my body once the office air-conditioning went off at 5.30 in the afternoon. I never really knew the cause but they tended to be short bouts which I ignored. However one major change I made in those times was to cut out milk from my diet. I had become lactose intolerant and was often seeing a doc for severe stomach upsets.
I take milk infrequently now and am ok with that. I believe the milk in my diet then may have been a factor in my frequent bouts of hives then, because I haven't had them for a very long time until now.
I hope you can change your doc and see one who's more responsible and can help you to pinpoint your causes. Having to take medication for 10 yrs is really terrible, esp. since your problem's getting worse.
God bless you!

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