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'Low' - a Video by the Foo Fighters

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The Foo Fighters are a rock band formed by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. They have made a number of excellent records - their four albums to date are, The Foo Fighters, The Colour and the Shape, There Is Nothing Left To Lose and One by One.

The Foos (as they are affectionately referred to by their fans) are also renowned for making quality music videos, such as 'Learn To Fly', 'Monkey Wrench' and more recently 'All My Life'. The latest instalment 'Low' follows in this excellent tradition.

Jack Black

Jack Black is a comic actor and half of the spoof rock band Tenacious D1 and is probably most famous for his role in the film High Fidelity. Jack and Dave have collaborated on several projects in the past. Jack featured in the video for 'Learn To Fly' as a drug-smuggling cleaner on the aeroplane featured in the video - Dave both played drums on Tenacious D's debut album, and featured as the Devil in Tenacious D's excellent video 'Tribute'.

The Video

'Low' is a very dark, twisted video that pushes at the boundaries of taste.... Fantastic!

The subject matter for the video consists of Dave and Jack going to a hotel room, getting drunk and dressing up as women. As the night progresses the behaviour of the two becomes considerably 'lower' - the lights get turned off and Jack gets even drunker before being sick and passing out. During this time Dave shines a torch in his own face as he plays with his long blonde wig and applies make up. The video finishes with a marvellous twist - after the drunken night of cross-dressing the boys get into their very masculine pick-up trucks and drive off.


The video was assured of success when, in the great tradition of videos such as 'Vogue2', 'Low' was banned by MTV, making sure it attracted headlines and was brought to the attention of many people.

1In the excellent tradition of Spinal Tap, Tenacious D make rock funny - only in this case they are actually a real band!2 A very raunchy video from Madonna famously banned, ensuring that both the single and album were very successful.

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