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...kills the cat

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I´m not curious... I visited this page because of... well... coincidence! yes, that´s it, COINCIDENCE!
but to be honest I think that curiosity is a main drive in human development, in general (culture and technology) as in particular terms (knowledge and experience). no curiosity no development!

...kills the cat

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I thought curiosity killed the cat, but what the hell did thought do???
How many conversation have I had when I have said; "Well I thought so/you would think so" etc etc Only to get the response; "Well you know what thought did, don't you?"
Well I'm telling everyone out there NO I DON'T !!!

What thought did

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Dr E Vibenstein (You know it is, it really is.)

He thought wrong.

Er............ I think.

Thinkin! You've been thinkin?

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Thinkin'? You've been thinkin'? Now listen here, I warned you about thinkin'!

...kills the cat

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Kobolt - aka 'I didn't fail, I found 5000 ways that don't work'

'What thought did' is just a very bad joke that has not much to do with what you said in the first place. It is something people say to alert you to the 'dangers of thinking' the full sentence is actually
'You know what thought did don't you?
He thought he'd lit a candle so he struck a match to see'

Bad, I know..

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