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The Dune Movies

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So what are opinions on the movies that thses books have spawned?

Personally, I hated the 1984 version. Although I thought it was pretty well cast, the movie left much to be desired. The only redeeming quality was the the musical score, IMHO.

SciFi Channels miniseries (Dune and Children of Dune) were much better, although I felt Dune was a tad over-exaggerated.

Any other thoughts?

The Dune Movies

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I agree with you about the 84 Lynch movie. There were huge chunks of the story cut out with very little explaination which to me made a mockery of trying to film the book.

The Dune mini series was ok, some of the costume design was a bit OTT and most of the acting could at best be described as plank-like, but at least the story got the importance it deserved. Haven't seen the Children of Dune mini series so I couldn't comment

The Dune Movies

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Children of Dune was leaps and bounds aboove the Dune mini-series was. It was really quite well done, although I still think the costume designer should be shot.

The Dune Movies

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i agree the 1984 version is well casted but it doesnt tell u much but in the 2000 it tells more about the film

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