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Dune- my favorites

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Hi there, brilliant articlesmiley - smiley
It's interesting that you say " God Emperor of Dune" is said to be the best one though,in my opinion it was the weakest of all the books. By the way, did you try to translate or understand the various German words Frank Herbert put in? Don't try, they just don't make any sense at all, at least not for a native speakersmiley - biggrin
smiley - somersault

Dune- my favorites

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It never occured to me to translate anything. LOL. I took most of it in context....and I just finished reading the series again!

What words are you referring to?

Dune- my favorites

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Hi there I have just finished re-reading the series as well. Love the books, although bit disppointed at the end of the last one, wanted to know more and more!!

Have you seen the Children of Dune which was on The Hallmark Channel? Surprisingly good, I think it may have been done by the same people who did the Sci-Fi version of Dune, which was much better than the original film.

Has anyone read House of Atriedes or Harkonnen? I havn't myself and wondered if they are in the same league?

Dune- my favorites

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I have read the prequel trilogy. I approached them with quite a bit of trepidation, but they turned out to be EXCELLENT.
I need to go get the books about the Butlerian Jihad, and in a couple of years, Dune 7 will be out, which should answer all the questions left at the end of Chapterhouse.

Dune- my favorites

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Personally I think God Emperor is the best in terms of the underlying philosophy, but I think it and subsequent novels lose something in terms of quality of description.

The original Dune is probably my favourite then. I like the narrative and the world it depicts. The story could quite happily stand alone, and everything seems a little more consistent and believable than the other books.

Dune- my favorites

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When I was a kid I had had enough by book 4. But on re-reading them I loved them all, they do focus on very different areas, so if you expect the same style then it does become disappointing.

I love God Emperor second time around, it was fascinating stuff, he knew he was a nasty piece of work but reognized that was what was needed to push the planet into its next cycle. A world without spice and worms.

A book 8 is coming!! Goody, that should sort out my slight disappointment with number 7. I want to learn more about the 'dirty' Tleilaxu and what happens with them.

What are the prequel trilogy, is that the House of Atreides etc? There are books about the Butlerian Jihad? I appear to be missing out. smiley - erm

Dune- my favorites

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There are 2 book so far on the Butlerian Jihad: 'The Butlerian Jihad' and 'The Machine Crusade'. Book 3, 'The Battle of Corrin' is due out in September of 2004.

Following that, they will work on 'Dune 7', basing it on notes found in a safe-deposit box of Frank Herbert's that was discovered after his death. In between those two books, they may release some short stories.

By "they" I mean Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson.

I am very psyched on Dune 7.....there are so many loose ends that need to be tied up....questions that need answering. I was always rather peeved at Frank Herbert for passing away before he finished the series. smiley - laugh

Dune- my favorites

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I bet if he had the choice Frank would rather had stayed on and finished them!! I have to say I didn't even realise he had died. smiley - sadface

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