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Treatment of toxicity/overdose

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Very informative piece.Lot of new stuff included that I wasn't aware of since coming out of nursing.Just a couple of things I'd like to potentially query,both of which I may be wrong about but don't mind being corrected over.

1.Paracetemol overdosage is - or was - treated with Parvolex in either 5% or 10% glucose in three stages over 20 hours.Are Methionine or N-acetylcysteine alternative names for Parvolex?
(Regime is given in glucose as high levels of paracetemol lowers the bodies blood sugar levels.)

2.I think gastric lavage and Ipecachuana to rid the body of some of the toxins are proceedures of the past now-a-days,though I may be wrong on this point.The only one I'm aware of is activated charcoal to absorb some of the toxins through the stomach wall.

Normally an intravenous infusion is set up for the rest of the proceedure depending on the levels of toxin in the blood stream and type of toxin ingested.

Treatment of toxicity/overdose

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Parvolex is a trade name for N-acetylcysteine smiley - ok

I'm not sure how widespread the old techniques are, but they're still mentioning them in lectures so they're propbably still around.

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Treatment of toxicity/overdose

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