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Uncle Ghengis

Borges is certainly a strange writer, but one of my favourites (I think it's in the "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" story - is his description of the two languanges of Tlon...

One is a language consisting entirely of adjectives (no nouns at all) and the other is a language of verbs (again no nouns). An example of the latter is "Hlor ufang axaxaxas mlo" which he translates as "Upward behind the ontreaming it mooned" (Or "The moon rose beyond the river")

Weird but clever.

He also wrote "The Book of Imginary Beings" - which is a kind of bestiary or catalogue of strange creatures of the imagination, many of which he did not invent but merely collected from literature - but it is a very interesting collection.

Axaxaxas Mlo

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wow...i had no idea his work was this interesting!
i started reading some of it in the original spanish, but kind of got stuck in the translation, i should start again some time, now that i know it's stuff that interests me smiley - tongueout
^. .^
= ' =

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Apparently - I can't remember where I read it, but a critic once said - or possibly even Borges himself - said that the 'Axaxaxas' was just 'the mocking laughter after the author'.

Which I think - apart from being quite obscure - is quite nice.

[/pointless trivia]

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