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Drought tolerant plants and conservation

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I seem to recall some years ago, the late Geoff Hamilton (he of Gardeners' World fame) teamed up with Anglian Water and together they created a "Drought Garden" at Barnsdale, near Rutland Water.

Was there a book on the subject, which described the garden itself, the plants and ways to look after them and techniques to make the most of the water you have got ?

Of course, better to go there yourself and have a look.

Phone Barnsdale before you leave home, though - it may have wilted by now.

Drought tolerant plants and conservation

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Thanks for letting me know about this! I'm going reasonably near that area this weekend, so I'm going to try to visit it to see how it compares to my 'drought garden', which frankly looks rather shabby but I do like it and it never needs watering. I do sometimes have to top up the ponds, but never the plants.

Drought tolerant plants and conservation

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Hope you enjoy the visit.

I too, have a drought garden although it has developed by default.

Here is my infallable method.....

1) Cave in to relentless whinging from teenage daughter to be given money, for the flimsiest and insubstantial of reasons.
2) On handing over money, extract solemn promise to water the garden throughout the summer, before she swans off to university (at my further expense).
3) Wait....

Voila; a drought garden. Works every time.

Drought tolerant plants and conservation

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smiley - laugh

I was going to go yesterday on my way to Nottinghamshire, but the camper broke down, so I'm stuck at home watching my own garden. My trip is merley postponed though, not cancelled, so I will be going as soon as my dad gets home from his trip and changes my engine so it stops breaking down.

I still have to top the ponds up though, otherwise they dry up as they are only small. I use rain water for that though.

Drought tolerant plants and conservation

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A friend has just told me about another Drought Garden. Apparently, Beth Chatto has one near Elmstead Market, just east of Colchester.

I think she's done a few books on the subject, as well.

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