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Cheap water butts and guttering?

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I want to add guttering to my shed to divert the water into a water butt.
Does anyone know of any cheap suppliers?
I can't see how they can charge so much for a basic plastic container.
Last time I looked, even the subsidised council offers were still far too expensive to make it worthwhile...

Cheap water butts and guttering?

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You could ask at your local recycling centre to see if they get any in, or ask around friends and family who might be moving and not want to take them. You could also put a card in a shop window for a while looking for one.

Or try something like Freecycle - it's a yahoo mailing list where people sign up and in effect advertise anything they don't want for someone to have for free. There seems to be one for most areas.

Cheap water butts and guttering?

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Mag Ratte

Have you tried "Screwfix"? They do a lot of v cheap (cheaper than the DIY stores anyway) building & plumbing materials, and their turnaround time is usually only a few days at most.

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Cheap water butts and guttering?

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