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Bebel Matman Owlatron's Thundercat Tshirt Dude

Hmmm. Why is it that supermarkets, or at least my local one anyway (can't say the name of it, not sure about H2G2's policy on that kind of thing), always seem to put the off license kiosk right by the front of the shop so healthy people can buy their portion of cancer at the door and saunter back out happy, while the chemist section is right at the back of the shop so the sick people have to trudge sniffling right to the back, past fruit, veg and sometimes meats to get their prescription? Is it the shop planners getting their own back on society for having to spend two years at design college studying right angles then getting rejected by Ikea?

Why is the fruit and veg always at the front of your little supermarket sweep? This means it always gets buried in your trolley by tins, frozen stuff, joints of meat, big bottles and stuff by the time you get to the check out.

No wonder I live on delivered pizza...

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