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The word 'b*****d'

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It depends on where you are gepgraphically in this world but in Australia the term 'b******d' is not considered as a swear word, unless used with a certain inflection, like mate.

Sometimes you are someone's best mate if he calls you one. "G'Day ya mangy b*****d!"
Sometimes it's a term showing jealousy: "you lucky b*****d"
Sometimes it's abusive, but then the word usually has a nationality put in front of it: "those kiwi b*****ds" (apologies to all kiwi friends out there)

Are there any more anyone can think of?

The word 'b*****d'

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Researcher 50383

to show empathy to a fellow mate under woefull circumstances
''You Poor Poor B*****d''.

The word 'b*****d'

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An expresion of how p****d you are while being too p****d to say the word right.
'I'm Tolly bashtered, luvvvv.'


The word 'bastard'

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You complete and utter bastard!!!

Usually means a mixture of awe and envy (if said one way)
Or it can mean it's time for you to run. Fast.

The word 'bastard'

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In the posherareas of the bush, it is often a way of attaining service.

'excuse me, bar steward, four pints of four x's, pleasse.'

The word 'b*****d'

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I love how, with the word b*****d, that Americans use it like it's the worst insult ever mentioned. It's like, "take your hands off me you B*****D!", and it's a real ooooooooohhhhhhhh moment. Meanwhile, people from Australia and the UK are rolling around the floor laughing going "Call that an insult? I'll give you an insult!"

The word 'b*****d'

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For every insult you can think of, there is an alternative word which, by merit of being said in a northern accent, is deemed transmittable by the BBC. Eg,


Then there are the Irish insults 'Feck' and 'Gobs**te', often credited to Father Ted (C4).
This is a rareley discussed result of censorship, but the upshot of it is that you can swear fluently infront of you mum, and it's OK, because they said it on that funny programme with the priests!
If you want to say b*****d, but not mean it, you say it in a northern accent.
And make sure you're not in northern England at the time.

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