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Space Ghost - Coast to Coast!

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Ecnal Silyab

I loved this programme (or what I've seen of it on "Adult Swim"). It's so funny, a real classy programme despite its obvious cheapness. smiley - smiley

I think my favourite must be the one with "Andy Dick", where they're all singing. ('Space Ghost, Space Ghost, put down that stick. Please don't beat up Andy Dick!') smiley - biggrin

Zorak is great too! smiley - biggrin

I'm not sure Brak is really in 'Coast to Coast' all that much though. I liked his spinoff too.

Space Ghost - Coast to Coast!

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Calculator Nerd 256

my favorite ep of SPCtC was the one where he accidentally got married to bjork
that one had all sorts of funniness
oh and the one with old kentucky shark
and the one with 20000 leagues under the sea
smiley - geek

Space Ghost - Coast to Coast!

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Shea the Sarcastic

I've got a great action figure of Space Ghost behind his desk ... including coffee mug sitting here on my desk at w**k! smiley - biggrin

I also have a wonderful version of "I Love Beans" on my computer. It never fails to make me laugh! smiley - laugh

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