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Royal Mail are pathetic!

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This article is so biased. It talks about not jumping to conclusions and even using compensation to send a letter back to the damn Royal Mail to say thanks. Thanks for what? For redeeming their failure to deliver my mail? If I go into a shop and buy something, I expect the product to be what I'm paying for, so I don't see why it should be different with such a big company like Royal Mail. If they tell me it takes 3-5 working days to deliver my airmail to Europe, and 21 days later I am told it's almost certainly lost if it hasn't been received by now, then why should I be expected to just happily accept that and even say thank you for what is the very LEAST they people can do?! The compensation only covers the value of the item, not the lost time, the frustration, the hassle of making telephone calls, and the trouble of having to go shopping for another item that has to be resend through the same damn company! In fact, I rather never use Royal Mail again. Pathetic, just like Parcel Force. All big companies with big promises but very little delivery. On top of that, they have a shit customer service department. You can go on the website or try and phone them up, and really tell they made a big effort to avoid having to personally speak to any customer.

Really, I should only pay for my post once I have confirmation it has been delivered. Compensation is the least they can give, and no, they don't deserve a 'thank you' for it, because the way they are once you finally get through to them on the phone is very unacceptable. Their attitude is such that 'here's how to get compensation, bye!'. No apology, no accepting responsibility, and no way to make those at fault accountable for their mistakes because it's all a hierarchial system. They make it seem as though they are doing you a favour, when compensation is only another part of the service that I have paid for. So f*ck getting a thank you, those stupid pr*cks. In fact, I hope they bastards don't get any pay rises.

If any of you have lost expensive mail and had to go through buying and resending everything again to a foreign country that is hard to reach as it is, then you'd understand. Those that haven't been in that position - don't bother replying!

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Royal Mail are pathetic!

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