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"Sticky Fingers" revisited

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Good article, with a few provisos: "I Got The Blues" is not throwaway, more it's one of Jagger's more emotive lyrics (possibly written for Marianne Faithfull?). In fact that's the only one. Could this have been the last GREAT Stones album? "Exile" was similarly confident and with some great songs and performances ("Let It Loose" is beautiful, "Rocks Off" a great example of how you really can rock and create tension on one chord (on the outro), "All Down The Line" another great rocker). But that was it, they lost the plot, although there wasn't one album that didn't have at least one or two good tracks. As for their later work, personally I think "Bridges To Babylon" showed less complacency, especially on the last two tracks "Thief In The Night" and damn I can't remember the title of the last one. Keith Richards and John Lennon were two people, while largely loved by the world, are/were misunderstood and written off for their overall image and misdemeanours. Read the Victor Bockris bio of KR for some enlightenment post-Goldman. Anyway I don't seem to have got the knack of getting replies to conversations so someone clue me in, otherwise:

"If you're down on your luck
And you can't harmonise
Find a girl with Faraway Eyes"

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"Sticky Fingers" revisited

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