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Rolling Stones in Holland

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In this second week of August 2003 the Stones are here again.

There appears to be a small love affair between The Stones and The Netherlands; more populair than in any other European country, besides Britain; every concert (this time six) is sold out in no time and they have their financial headquarters at De Keizersgracht, the third floor - two rooms - in Amsterdam.

They make me more melancholic than enthousiastic. After 23, I lost contact with their music (and the rest of life).

When I had a loveaffair with my first love, Tracy, there was that beautiful song of them "in the air"; I can't recall the name. There were slamming prisondoors and pianomusic; very dramatic.
Other songs I liked; Yesterday Girl, Ruby Tuesday, Get off my Cloud, Paint it Black, Satisfaction, Street fighting Man and Brown Sugar.
I also like a few of their songs in later times;"Dancing with mister D"(the dirt of dark, small streets drips from it)and "Hide Your Love".

I remember now, that when I was a barkeeper at my 20th, I always immediately put on an album of the Stones when a good friend of mine came at the (coffee)bar. A ritual between friends.
Even now, 30 years later, I meet the guy once every few years.
These days he's become a great fan of Maria (you know, the mother of the pope).

But I confess; I'm too much of a choirboy myself, to réally embrace the Stones; never seen them live.

So, if I were allowed to keep óne song of them in my home, it would be "Sweet Black Angle". Hardly anyone knows it.
It's a Rolling Stones version of the Beatles' "Blackbird" so to speak.

There was always some rivalry between both groups (and their fans), although they met and liked each other(not the fans). John Lennon wrote in their early days a critical song about Mick Jagger, called;"And your bird can sing"(Revolver).

Well John,
what is a world without birds.........

The more voices, the better.

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Rolling Stones in Holland

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