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Quite an interesting idea, really. I was contemplating sideburns one day, and it came to me that a girl could produce some along the way of sideburns with her legs, if she shaved them properly. It was a very odd thought, and it disturbed me for a good two seconds before I took action on it. I introduced the idea to a good lady friend of mine. I called them leg-sideburns. She had a much more apt name for them, racing stripes (NOTE She's a runner, this could have something to do with it). Now this lady friend of mine has a particular fondness of sideburns, so she agreed that if I were to cultivate a good pair of sideburns, she would sport the Racing Stripes for a short period of time.
I fulfilled my part of the bargain, but alas, she backed out. I still think it would be quite a trip to see a girl with "Racing Stripes" though.

Well...I thought it was interesting.

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Racing Stripes

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