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Very Wittgenstein

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I guess you summed up the idea of language games using modern examples.

Very Wittgenstein

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Thanks for the complement.

I was trying to suggest that there's a bit more here than a game.

But still, "Tractatus Logico-Philosophically" speaking, I am humbled to be connected with that great name.

smiley - smiley


Very Wittgenstein

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I have try to read books of Umberto Eco. I read "theory of semiotics" and "search for perfect language". Books are hard to read! You like Eco books?

Also I have try to read book of Ray Monk. It is life of Wittgenstein. It is good but is hard also.

I have book that say Wittgenstein sit in front chair of movie theater and eat pies!

I have book of Tractatus. It is german and english. I try to do what he say at end "Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darĂ¼ber muss man schweigen."

I do not know. I do not speak! smiley - smiley

Thank Q!

Very Wittgenstein

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I'm afraid I have only read two of Eco's books in translation. I'm very American and can only read English and stumble a very little through German. So it appears that you may be well ahead of me.


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