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Enjoyable article (isn't the infinite improbability drive a wonderful thing).

I had a piggy-bank which was Snoopy on his dog house (so does that make it a "doggie-bank"?), and an "I'm not worth a thing before my coffee break" mug, which I used every day until my father-in-law commandeered it (a retired army general, who did not look at all funny drinking tea from a cup with a beagle on it).

I also got my niece a Woodstock on a string which chirped (the woodstock, not the string!). And one of my first presents to my daughter was a Snoopy cuddly toy; bought, if I remeber correctly, on a visit to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Keyrings, notebooks, pens, rulers , paper napkins, Snoopy on skateboards, you name it, they made it and, wherever possible, I had one. I had an almost complete collection of comic strip books but, like a fool, discarded them when I emigrated from the U.K. to Oz.

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Glad you enjoyed the entry! smiley - biggrin The infinite improbability drive really is a cool thing.

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