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Steve K.

OK, this is a little different topic, picking songs that you and your bandmates like, AND have a chance of playing. My wife (drummer) and I (lead guitar and keyboard) went through this with a group of friends who decided to play at our wedding anniversary, in front of maybe 50 other friends. After a few abortive starts, we took a vote - everybody got to pick a song, the rest were by popular vote - or something like that. "Everybody" included the lead singer/rhythm guitar, the bass player, and about six members of the backup singers.

I quickly learned the problem - I (as lead instrumentalist) had to learn some signature licks, whereas everybody else just strummed/thumped along in time (the bass player just played the 3 or 4 that he knew, going "air bass" for the rest). But I found most of the tablature/sheet music and struggled through.

The "Rock Bottom Remainders", a band made up of authors like Stephen King, Dave Barry, Amy Tan, Barbara Kingsolver, etc., went through a similar selection. Dave Barry describes music director (and rock legend and author) Al Kooper's reaction during rehearsals, "I don't think you should play during this part of the song." "I don't think you should play on this song." "I don't think we should do this song." The only true "ringer" (Kooper was sort of half a ringer) was the excellent sax player, who kept getting assigned longer and longer solos as the tour progressed ... smiley - puff

P.S. As another recent topic suggests, forget "Stairway to Heaven". The common denominator of pro classic rock cover bands in my area now seems to be "Play That Funky Music, White Boy".

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Cover Band Playlist

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