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Sid and Cordy

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I've got two ferrets, Sid and Cordy. They're brother and sister silvermitts, one of the many colour variations ferrets can have (not just albino and sable).

Sid is a bit of a health freak where food's concerned; he refusues to eat chocolate, but he loves persimons and sweet red bean paste. Unfortunately while they're good for us they're not good for him, so it's limited amounts for treat-time. He also likes to eat snails.

Cordy doesn't like trying new stuff. She's like a cat in several respects - she doesn't like being cuddled and is pretty independent.

One thing - ferrets weren't domesticated in Eypt - the ferret-like animals on the walls are probably meerkats, since Egypt is far too hot an environment for ferrets to live in anyway. They were most probably descended fro the European or Steppe polecat/s, domesticated somewhere in Europe. There is a record of Julius Caesar sending ferrets to a small island to get rid of the rabbits around the fourth century.


Sid and Cordy

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Aww, they sound gorgeous!!!!!

If they seem into veggie stuff, try them on cucumber, mine adored it (er, would actually fling himself dementedly at the fridge & war-dance for cucumber.smiley - rolleyes) Apparently it's very good for them, good for kidneys. In the wild, they would eat dandelions, but unless you live in a place where you can be sure of no pesticide, cucumber is a good substitute.


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