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QueenBronners - Ferret Fanatic


Lovely entry on ferrets, I really enjoyed reading such a balanced and well summarised report on the fascinating ferret. I am considering adopting a ferret as my next pet, and this article has just made my mind up about it.

A comment on the entry - you can get radio collars for ferrets to wear when they are put into rabbit warrens, so that the ferreteer knows where to dig to find them again.


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smiley - cheers I rescued a ferret, he was found wandering around in the back garden of my local pub. I had him for just over a month, but ultimately there was no way that I could keep him due to the amount of traveling I do at times. He's now comfortably settled in a new home.

He was a very friendly if hyper-active character. smiley - biggrin

If I ever get chance I'd love to get a ferret as a pet. Hope yours settles in well once you’ve got him/her.

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QueenBronners - Ferret Fanatic

I think it was really good of you to rescue an animal in distress, and also very resposible to admit that he wouldn't fit in with your life style and give him to a more appropriate home. A lot of people would have looked the other way.

I didn't think that ferrets were common enough in Britain to have strays. I assume that you are British as you mention your local!

Take care your Bishopness!

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He was being kicked across the lawn by a chap who was drinking outside with his wife. Fred (as he became known – most unoriginal, but I didn’t name him) kept approaching the couple and was obviously looking for human contact and we couldn’t go on watching this and doing nothing about it.

A group of us went out to see if we could catch him and he came trundling up to us and jumped into the box we put down, and then settled down in the arms of one of the chaps out with us. I had an empty hutch at the time and knew a bit about the creatures. There was nowhere else for him to go so I said I’d keep him for a few weeks in case anyone came forward to claim him. He’s so friendly someone must have spent a lot of time with him – but no one ever came looking for him in spite of the notices that were left in the area.

After de-ticking him (he’d picked a fair few up on his travels wherever he came from) I settled down to enjoy his company. He’s very playful and loved company. I was sad to see him go, but there wasn’t anyway I could keep him that would have been fair to him and I know he’s gone to a good home.

I don’t like wading in, but there are times when you just have too. I’ve got a huge soft spot for animals. Besides it’s the sort of thing that happens to me, my life is rarely dull.

Yes I’m in the UK, Newport South Wales to be exact.

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