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Another oh s*** Kiss.

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This one was with my current (10 MONTHS TODAY :D) boyfriend.

It was before we started going out and I was *very* drunk in a club and sat with all of my friends' bags, not really wanting to be up dancing. There was a load of weird complicated stuff going on between me and one of my exes (who was leading me on big time only to shoot me down later) and I was feeling lonely. I was sat next to MyDave, and we started talking via text (As it was too loud to actually hear anything the other was saying)
He looked da*n GORGEOUS that night (always did, always does!) and I realised he was the bloke me and my best mate kept seeing around town and 'phwoar' ing at (teehee!)
Anyway, we did the typical 'I think you're gorgeous' texts and things then I stupidly said something along the lines of 'I may even kiss you!' to which he replied a couple of mins later 'Can I have that kiss then?'
And My *GOD* was it good... If I hadn't have been sitting down I would've fallen down! Seriously!
I gave him my number and he texted me the next day but because of all the cr*p that was going on with my ex I said I couldn't meet up.
He asked my mate if he had a chance (HE DID!) but she told him I had a boyf (I DIDN'T!)
After everything with my stupid ex blew over and I was okay about it all, I asked my best mate to see if MyDave was still interested, to which he very enthusiastically replied 'YES!!' and, on Sept 11th 2004, we got together (after I asked if I could kiss him again) smiley - smiley

We've got a flat together now and *sighs happily* I Love him *so* *so* much! *Nods*

smiley - magic

Another oh s*** Kiss.

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Beer Elf

I didn't realise that's what they were called! I've had 2 up to now!!

(I mean 2 different partners! smiley - biggrin

The first one was in a nightclub, this was the first kiss with the Cov City supporter that |I've mentioned before. Total botl from the blue, still makes me smile, even though I was miserable for ages after he dumped me..

The second is more complicated..
First met Him indoors at then boyfriend's mate's party. He was the mate's kid brother. We ended up talking for ages, (and getting stuck into his dad's single malt) and I came away with a sense of a very nice young man, but that was all..

This young man worked at the local supermarket, he offered to babysit for my kids whilst I went out. He bought me flowers when I was ill, he was just a good mate. Then one night, after drinks with freinds we came back to my house. I was tired and so I went upstairs to clean my teeth etc whilst carrying on the conversation with him, he cleaned his teeth whilst I sat on the edge of the bath, and then leaned over and kissed me smiley - biggrin

It's five years later, and he's still here!!

Another oh s*** Kiss.

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a girl called Ben

Oooooooohhhhh. That's definitely an 'oh s*** kiss'! smiley - magic

Thanks for reading, and thanks for posting.


Another oh s*** Kiss.

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Ooh, Ben, you've just reminded me about this -

Much as I'd like to take the credit, the things you wrote abouut in the "Nice one, Joe" thread on this article were all added inhouse after I'd sent it back smiley - tongueout I was very green at the time, and didn't really know much about what I was doing - literally all I did (as I recall) was tidy up the spellings! smiley - blush

And also I wasn't in the habit of subscribing to my subbed entries (smiley - doh silly of me!) so I didn't see it until long after!

So there you go, a long-overdue reply smiley - tongueout

Joe C (now slightly-more-experienced Sub)

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