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The Perfect Kiss?

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I've read through all the bad points of the entry, and as far as I can tell I've had the perfect kiss. No bad tastes, no wrong smells, no inebriation, no chewing gum or stomach contents, no slobbering/biting/tongue-removal-through-suction, no "tongue tae kwon doe", no infectious diseases, no unexpected dangers whatsoever.

I'd known her for a couple of months - same age, same height, same strange sense of humour. We were just friends, but then one night it all changed.

We were sitting watching a film in the tv room and drinking lager. We're both competent drinkers, so no problems with drunkenness whatsoever. Anyway, there was a run of interesting films and programmes on the tv, so we were just sitting there watching. She leant on my shoulder, and so I leant over and put my arm around her. As the film went on, we moved closer together so that it was very clear that we were thinking along the same lines.

The number of people in the room was, as always, dwindling one by one, and when the late film had finished and all the lager was gone, we were left alone in the dark of the tv room. She hugged me, and we ended up kissing. Time stopped.

Time started again long enough for her to smile at me, and then she stopped time again.

Eventually we had to let time regain complete control of itself.

"We should do this again sometime" she said.

We're still together. smiley - smiley

The Perfect Kiss?

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Mrs Zen

That sounds perfect to me. *sigh*

Luck lucky both of you.

Good luck!


The Perfect Kiss?

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Thanks smiley - smiley

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