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My first kiss- I was fourteen. He was sixteen. It was in a game of truth or dare. He had to choose between kissing me on the cheek or the lips. He chose the lips. Later on we made out but he had been smoking and I was really nervous so it wasn't that enjoyable. I see him occasionally and we smile and wave at eachother.

My last/worst kiss- With my current boyfreind. Our lips didn't even touch before he was shoving his toung in my mouth. He slobbered and bit me. I tried to get him to slow down but he just kept going so I broke the kiss.

My Best kiss- after a long night at a football game me, him and two of our friends snuck away to the skate park. We played "pass the candy" and Spin-the-bottle then at the end of the night he came to hug me goodbye on top of the tallest ramp. He said "wow you're cold" and started rubbing my arms trying to get me warm. Our faces were really close and we just kissed. It was sweet. There was tounge but not a lot. We would have gone out but I was going to the homecoming dance with the guy who later became my boyfriend.

Anyone else?

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smiley - erm I haven't had a real kiss since I was six. That was my first ever kiss, my mom was at the laundrette and me and my best mate David were playing 'prince and *trapped* princess in a tower' at our flat back then . I was the princess and I remember vaguely the tower being the closet in my room, so anyway at sometime the 'prince' found me and he asked "what does the princess want? my wish is her command" I told the 'prince' I wanted a kiss, and I got my wish! smiley - biggrin it wasn't wet or anything, just a sorta kiss which leaves you warm and fuzzy inside. yeah that was my first kiss, too bad I lost contact with David though...

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First- With my first boyfriend, We were up late watching a movie (muppet treasure island) He leaned over and asked me, "Can I have a kiss?" Of course I agreeed and He kissed me, But he missed! He kissed me half on the lips and Half on the cheek. But right after he tried again and it was Much better!

Last- My "friend" helped me move in to my new uni, and just before he had to leave for home, He kissed me ever so softly and said "I'll be back as soon as I can."

Best- Same "friend" as my last, we were spending the day at a park, and we were swimming in the lake when he swam up close and kissed me, it was our first kiss, and definatly the best kiss I've ever had.

Worst- That one's easy. I met my old store manager at a concert and at the end of the night we went and had a bite to eat. I thought it was as good buddies, but apparantly he didn't think the same. When we were leaving the restraunt he Grabs me, pulls me in and kisses me. Almost gagging me with his tongue and when he was finally done I was covered in spit. eew. Needless to say, that NEVER happened again.

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My first kiss (as I recall it) happened when I was 15. He was also 15 and I liked him very much. The kiss was quite sweet, a bit clumsy. Unfortunately nothing came out of it.. But we're still friends smiley - smiley

My last kiss was with my current boyfriend two weeks ago (we live in different cities). The kiss wasn't anything special, just a quick 'see you soon' kind of kiss.

My best kiss was again with my current boyfriend. It was our second kiss. Very intense.

My worst kiss happened a year ago. I was at a club with my friends and a guy I had once had a crush on and whom I hadn't seen in years came over to talk to me and after a few minutes of (polite) conversation he partically shoved his tongue down my throat. Horrible, absolutely horrible.

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First - I was 15, so was he. We were dating. Not great.

Last - Couldn't tell you exactly... Just that there was alot of love on New Years Eve!

Best - Boyfriend (now ex) of 18 months - Our first anniversary.

Worst - Drunken kiss at a party. Dated him later. Much better when sober!

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First: oh...hahah. it was cute, and depressing. The person pulled away because they were scared, but made up for it. lol

last: I don't really remember honestly...

Best: i like long interactive kissing...smiley - biggrin

Worst: Stiff kisses...SO BAD! omg, this person wouldn't even open their mouth or do anything but they wouldn't let me go!

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