A Conversation for Door Signs - Help or Hindrance?

Backwards Writing

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I'm surprised that backwards writing wasn't mentioned. My biggest problem with the push/pull issue is when the word 'pull' is written on the other side of the glass, and I still read it without even realising that it's backwards, and I end up pulling instead of pushing.

A similar (but perhaps more dangerous) phenomenon can occur with signs written on the road surface while I'm driving. If they are written for the benefit of oncoming traffic, I sometimes still read them and react, even though they are upside-down.

Backwards Writing

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finnjim, THE Teacher, messing with peoples minds since 1997

You can read backwards and upside down. That'sa some mean feat. Thats ok when the road markings are in the right place but near me there is a dangerous juction with road markings warning motorists to slow down, But the problem is the road markings are offset 1/2 a mile from the junction. Some one was asleep in the council offices that day.smiley - wah

Backwards Writing

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Ek* this space intentionally left blank *ki

Backwards writing is only an issue in cases where they have a sign saying Pull on one side of the door yet still insist on putting a handle on the push side ... brain goes gloop and starts oozing out of ones ear ... a problem often encountered!

Backwards Writing

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finnjim, THE Teacher, messing with peoples minds since 1997

Or nose. I hate it when that happens

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