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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

New issue of smiley - thepost is up, and I can say you'll go awwwwwh several times this week.

Daydream Journal

Post 4402


Excellent, splendid! Thanks Mister D! Now I can relax and converse in mirror writing with mvp about her characters.

I'm to-ing and fro-ing a bit as from tomorrow. Cornwall, then Brighton, then perhaps to a Now We Are Sixty school reunion upcountry. Yikes. smiley - rofl

But I shall catch up with you all along the way, no doubt.

We are preparing potted life stories for the school event. Not easy to compress about forty two years into a couple of paragraphs. Has my life taken the direction it was supposed to take, since school? No! But the detour has been worth it. smiley - rofl

Hey, I like that, the detour has been worth it. Cryptic. Almost deep. Intense yet quite stupid. smiley - rofl

smiley - redwine

Ah, so mvp! That's your house on the cover. I love it.

Now, to consider Brian and Alison, et famille.

But wait, I'm changing postings.

Daydream Journal

Post 4403


The thing about your characters, mvp, as I've often said before, is that it's strange to remember that they're fictional, like, you created them! They are so real, it's like they're people I know, or have known at one time, and it's like catching up with their story.

With added poetic descriptions of course, your descriptions of France are so evocative, and read-out-loudable. Which I did. Read them out loud, to my husband.

smiley - redwine

It really is a very intriguing theme, the shadow side of a dream, especially involving a house. Your story is quite unnerving in many ways, so many parallels with certain dreaming in stone situations I have been around in a rather close, family type way, while the debris from the broken dreams piled up around me.

smiley - redwine

So .... that's what happened! (the ending). I won't give it away, don't want to spoil it for any potential readers. And anyway you know it. heheh. Because you wrote it.

It came as a surprise, quite a jolt.

What do I feel about Brian? Do I side with Alison? hmm. Not easy living with a drinker. I want to give them both a chance. Tim's speech at the end helped me to understand Brian, though.

Alison and Francois, very erotic writing.

I think the dream would have broken apart, despite the Mayor. Do you think?

smiley - redwine

Clever to script the story through the eyes of the younger generation also. Steve, Nathalie, I am interested in their take on things. Steve's relationship with his father is very intense, and real, and yet Steve grows and changes throughout the story.

My favourite part of the book, strangely, is when Alison takes over the flat. I just love those descriptions of the flat, the atmosphere of the sitaution. Again, for me, it is the expression of a parallel situation, to do with a family member wanting to leave and take a flat, and I would have gone to the flat and talked about things and yes! .... have to be cryptic online. Need coffee. smiley - coffee To discuss stories. smiley - rofl

There's so much more of course. These are just a few scattered notes.

Hope to pick up some wifi, somewhere between Cornwall and Brighton. smiley - rofl

How do you feel mvp, now that your work is out there? Are the characters still around, do you share your life with them still, or have they left your head now that the work is complete?

Daydream Journal

Post 4404


Sitaution is situation of course.

I blame packing. Trying to pack for a spontaneous couple of nights in Cornwall with niece. Leaving early tomorrow. Must sleep. Why do I never sleep early when I need to?

I don't like packing. I used to like it, now I find myself grieving because I can't fit three analogue synths in an overnight bag.

I just wrote my piece for the school reunion. It took ages, and it's rough, but I like it. I've gone conversational, hootoo journal style, with people I haven't spoken to for forty five years. Worrying. smiley - rofl I mentioned the detour. I'm proud of my potted bio, it reads like a neon headache, but I must face facts.

smiley - redwine

I'm thinking about Alison's flat.

smiley - redwine

Potted bio. That sounds like a wholefood, a type of bio live yoghurt. Blueberry potted bio. Or strawberry? The yoghurt that can rearrange time, even after midnight.

I must sleep.

Daydream Journal

Post 4405


(delaying sleep for another ten minutes).

I blame packing.

I've been thinking about writers. And characters.

Do the characters that writers create actually exist in some kind of psychic or creative dimension?

Does a character, once matured, break free from the writer, like a child leaving a parent?

Who takes care of the characters that writers create? Perhaps the reader is responsible for their welfare?

Is that scary for a writer to let go of their character? Is it like parenthood?

This is interesting.

Daydream Journal

Post 4406


Thank you so much for your comments, cc. smiley - smileysmiley - hug

The silly thing is that, having released Dreaming in Stone into the wild, as it were, I started getting cold feet. Feeling that it's not very good and I'm diddling people out of their money. smiley - erm

As for characters, I have wondered what Alison, Francois and Steve would be doing in a few years time. But I'm not planning a sequel.

Daydream Journal

Post 4407


Hey mvp

Congratulations on finishing and publishing your book smiley - applausesmiley - bubbly

I am avoiding spoilers as I won't be getting it until next month. I am looking forward to reading it of course but am also really happy for you that you have got to this stage of completion smiley - hug

Well done you, now if you please, warm your feet up and put your self -doubt aside with a special cup of Perculiar tea for the published author smiley - teasmiley - biggrin

Daydream Journal

Post 4408


Hello Peanut. It's nice to hear from you again. smiley - smileysmiley - hug

And thanks for the Perculiar smiley - tea. As for self-doubt, I wear it like a cloak. Sometimes, I might throw it jauntily over a shoulder, and others I disappear under it, using it as a tent. smiley - lurk

Daydream Journal

Post 4409


Hello Daydreamers

Hope you can get here for a cup of perculiar smiley - tea if you can't login you need to use your researcher number without the U instead of your login name and your usual password and you will get here

smiley - kiss

Daydream Journal

Post 4410


Ah, splendid Peanut! smiley - kiss Thanks for telling me how to log in!

Hullo luvs! sorry I haven't been in for such an age. In Brighton, and round about. Still in Brighton and round about. In fact I'm on the roundabout. What? smiley - rofl. Not really, just being stupid.

Back in a minute ...

smiley - redwine

Daydream Journal

Post 4411


hullo mvp! Splendid! I got your email address from Dmitri, the Akashic Dating Service. heheh. His words not mine, I wish I'd said it though. smiley - rofl.

You could ask The Akashic Dating Service to give you my address also, if you like.

What??? Diddling people out of their money? Heavens, writerlady. I shall email you again to try to lure you for coffee in this crazy town, so that I can hypnotise you and tell you that Dreaming In Stone speaks to my soul.

Why wait, I'll hypnotise you right now, Dreaming In Stone speaks to my soul ... speaks to my soul ...

I have my copy with me, here in Brighton.

smiley - redwine

I can understand how you feel though. It's a huge step to put your work out there, and it would obviously make one feel a bit sensitive for a while, especially the first time. Does it get easier?

You're not planning a sequel??? Now I need to know what Alison, Francois and Steve would be doing in a few years time.

Hypnotise hypnotise .... sequel ... sequel ....

Daydream Journal

Post 4412


mmmm I like that. Self doubt, I wear it like a cloak ....

Poetic indeed.

smiley - kiss

Funny thing, self doubt. Not that I have it of course. hahahHAHAHAH.

I'm going to my school reunion on Saturday, the Now We Are Sixty get together, and we've all been emailing our life stories, getting really deep, and not hiding the insecure feelings and self doubt and the real stuff. Even the people I used to be really in awe of ...

smiley - redwine

It's quite hilarious also. I'm meeting up with these two people outside the supermarket in a town none of us have been to, to buy food for the party and to share a taxi.

Haven't seen them for about forty two years. Trying to decribe ourselves. I sound like a right scuffy rogue telling them I'll be in jeans, beat up ankle boots and a black hoodie, lurking by the coffee machine, oh, and my hair tends to stick up even when I've combed it. smiley - rofl

Daydream Journal

Post 4413


What about them finding evidence of flowing water on Mars, then?

They's clever, those scientists. Makes me think about the miracle of water, how we have to look after it, here on Earth.

Daydream Journal

Post 4414


Oh, and I saw the bloodmoon, supermoon lunar eclipse on Sunday night! smiley - fullmoon Got woken at 3 am by enthusiastic spouse. smiley - ill. Not my best hour, but it was awesome, except I couldn't get back to sleep so watched it for an hour or two.

Tried to take photos, but almost fell into the carpark learning out of the window, and got a nice flash photo of the windowsill, the curtains and something else entirely that I still haven't identified.

The actual moon didn't really come out that well, my camera ain't up to it. And the world didn't end, like some people said it would. I don't think. (looks around) Well, Brighton is still here. smiley - rofl

smiley - redwine

Must sleep, early start tomorrow, visiting and things.

Daydream Journal

Post 4415

Dmitri Gheorgheni

We stood out by the cornfield and took pics. smiley - rofl

Daydream Journal

Post 4416


smiley - smileyPost success depression is sneaky and insidious, in part has to do with disorientation and the need to undertake a process of personal reinvention, having brought a project to completion.

smiley - biggrinI wish you excellent sales.

I'd suggest being sure to to have your book listed with as many ebooks sites as possible besides other book sellers.smiley - biggrin

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