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Post 4041


Yikes, the weather event! Those icicles. Are you OK? You can't get out to buy food? Can the neighbours get to you?

OK, Bob Stafford the expert on things Roman.

Of course, I'm an expert in Toman names.

smiley - run

I like that, Toman. I know these people. You started a scifi story here. Which I can't write.

smiley - snowball

Imagine being a psychic or sensitive, picking up messages and energies from all these different town names.

That was a flaky paragraph I know. smiley - rofl. Mind you, my mother regularly witnessed a Cavalier (of uncertain historical authenticity)drifting through the living room.

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Post 4042


I am seriously a bit worried about you guys being stranded.

Do the police have a 'copter? For a food drop off?

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Post 4043


I knew this guy who was definitely Toman. He had the most bewitching eyes. I didn't realise he was Toman until the word Toman appeared on my screen. You can't know Toman until the language has been invented.

OK that's it, I'm shutting up. smiley - run

smiley - redwine

Let us know if you are starving. I've gone all maternal.

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Post 4044

Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - rofl We are two tiny blocks from Main St. There are two people from the church living on our street. The phones work. We're fine, thanks. smiley - rofl

We're a few doors down from the Fire Department - their siren goes off and makes me think of the Blitz...

This town may only have 5000 people in it, but most of them live nearby...

This is just really all of the unusual weather at once. What a welcome back after so many years. smiley - somersault

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Post 4045


Phew, OK then. Good to have the folks around.

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Post 4046

Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - hug Absolutely. Especially when you consider the distances between things here...

But this place? Think village life.

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Post 4047


All we can do is send virtual smiley - teaand smiley - cake and hope it warms up soon.

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Post 4048

Dmitri Gheorgheni

From your mouth to God's ear, as the Germans say. smiley - smiley

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Post 4049


Over here we have a place called 'Parys' (Afrikaans for Paris) in the Free State, and we have German towns like Heidelberg (one in the Cape and one in Gauteng) and Bochum (here in Limpopo). I've been to a couple of farms called Portugal and Spain.

Anyways: the name 'mimosa' can refer to any of a large number of tree species, belonging to the genera 'Mimosa' proper, as well as 'Acacia' and 'Albizia'. They are all fairly closely related (members of the Mimosoideae subfamily of the Fabaceae of legume family) and all have fluffy puffball-flowers. The scientific names are actually in turmoil right now with lots of trees getting reclassified and renamed so the name 'mimosa' is a nice non-specific and inclusive name!

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Post 4050

Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - cool, Willrm! Thanks for that note about mimosas.

I never expect the names I grew up with to be the 'right' ones, because I was taught them by older people from the mountains or rural Deep South. Of course, my aunt DID know the scientific names...

A Bochum? Wow, now that's an interesting name to have. We have Cairo, Illinois, of course - but it's pronounced 'Quay-rho'. Just like Karo, Mississippi, where Karo Syrup comes from...smiley - winkeye

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Post 4051


Hullo Willem! smiley - kiss

Heidelberg? and Parys? Really? What a funny old world we live in, eh? I wonder what downtown Heidelberg, SA, looks like, compared to downtown Heidelberg, Germany?

Hah! The Mimosa Mystery reveals its secrets. Sort of. smiley - rofl. I passed one of my yellow bobbly trees today. I said 'good morning Lady Acacia or are you Lady Mimosa, you look very lovely whoever you are'.

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Post 4052


What's Karo Syrup?

Can you eat it on hotcakes?

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Post 4053

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Definitely on hotcakes. And waffles. And hot biscuits - you know, that quick bread we make. smiley - winkeye When my sisters were babies, the doctors put it in the 'formula' - tinned milk, Karo syrup, and water - for infants.

It's just corn syrup. There's a dark and a light variety.

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Post 4054


Hot biscuits sound completely delicious also.

mmmm I'm really hungry now. smiley - drool I think I love Karo Syrup. I wonder can I get it here? Have to check.

I first tasted hotcakes on our trip to the States in '91.

I think the very first time we ever ate them was in a diner, near Tucson, Arizona.

That's quite a pretentious statement really. smiley - rofl.

They were covered in maple syrup and there was ice cream and blueberries, one of the most divine things I ever ate.

Daydream Journal

Post 4055

Dmitri Gheorgheni

What's pretentious about the diners in Tucson, AZ? Do they sport TWO checkered tablecloths? smiley - rofl

Hotcakes, or pancakes, or flapjacks, depending on region but they're all the same thing, really, are a simply a staple. Try them at an IHOP - International House of Pancakes. A dozen varieties of syrup available. Whipped butter. Sort of the luxury version, only cheap.

I can only eat the gluten free ones now. smiley - wah But they used to be the reason for eating breakfast out.

The only thing better is a Dutch Panekoeken - about a foot in diameter, buried in melted butter...

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Post 4056


smiley - rofl. No, I sounded like a ditsy English lady writing a travelogue. 'We found this dee-vine diner, near Tucson, AZ, with deeelish hotcakes.' smiley - rofl

I remember that diner in fact. There was this Indian guy in there wearing turquoise rings, and I was in awe.

The IHOP? I wonder where's the nearest. I must get there. London I bet. Damn. Miles away.

Of course, you're gluten free. I couldn't eat the butter in the Panekoeken. I'd have to ask for vegan margarine. Not the same thing at all. smiley - rofl We'd be a fine pair.

Daydream Journal

Post 4057


We've been dieting since Christmas, so no pancakes with syrup for us! smiley - sadface
One of my favourite vegetarian dishes was beetroot and goats cheese tart. Rather than abandon it as altogether too high in fat, I took the pastry out and made a gratin, with layers of potato, the beetroot mixture and goats cheese. It was still nice. smiley - smiley

Daydream Journal

Post 4058


Hello Daydreamers

It has been a wonderful smiley - lurk, have enjoyed all your postings smiley - kiss

I have been busy here, most of it good but there has been the odd shocker so while I am pretty upbeat also a little frayed round the edges , hence the lurking

It is gorgeous morning here, I think about half the estate has got their washing out as it a great drying day, when I was walking home I kept smelling wafts of different fabric conditions and washing powers from peoples gardens smiley - biggrin

I hope you all have a weekend that you are looking forward too.

*Leaves a pot of zingy Perculiar smiley - tea*

oh and dates for the UK diary, March the 20th, solar eclipse on the equinox and lowest tides in 200 years over the weekend smiley - bigeyes

smiley - hugsmiley - magicsmiley - zoom

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