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It's 24.9C here today and I went to the garden centre to buy two geraniums and a fuschia to brighten up my patio.

I hope you had a wonderful solstice Peanut.smiley - magic

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Evening all! smiley - kisssmiley - kiss

It's very lucky for you that we don't have a sound facility here, mvp. smiley - rofl. I'm getting some good rhythms though, even though one of my tunes is called 'At the peak of my powers I bought you some flowers'. smiley - rofl

It's the heat. smiley - rofl

Not that hot. What???? 46C in Cali?? That is serious gasp weather indeed, ITI. I've never experienced that kind of heat. And 24C in Sussex? We're lucky to reach 20C. but tis coming next week apparently. The beach has been amazing though, stretched out on the Jurassic dino shore.

Back in a minute. smiley - redwine

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Hullo Peanut!! smiley - kisssmiley - kiss Love and wonders to you also! Been thinking about you, with Glasto festival happening, remembering your photo of the site, taken from the Tor.

smiley - tea

That's a great link, Elektra, lucky there's a glass window. Not sure if the little kittie would be so brave otherwise, when saying hullo to the mountain lion outside. heheh. It's funny when the lady says where's the kids? and the guy says they're outside and she goes what???? then he says, not really, they're upstairs.

smiley - redwine

Ahh real summer now. Glastonbury Festival on TV!! (just been watching Boy George, Motorhead and scenes from the site).

What a wonderful thing, the WI have a tent!! First ever time at Glastonbury. (That's the legendary and very British Women's Institute). They are serving tea and cake. Of course. smiley - cakesmiley - cake Wonderful!!

Apparently the Dalai Lama is turning up on Sunday. Maybe he will have tea with the WI. smiley - rofl

smiley - redwine

Two geraniums and a fuschia. (title of next synth tune). Heheh.

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Post 4284


Is Peanut at Glastonbury? I she's having a good weekend. smiley - biggrin

I think my thermometer is in the sun because the general temperature in sussex was about 17C. Hotter next week

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Post 4285

Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Hey CC and other Daydreamers, here is a link on a British woman who pioneered in electronic music at the BBC. With all of CC's musical postings I though you'd enjoy this link on Delia Derbyshire:

Also I hope Peanut enjoyed the festival.

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Hola amigos!
long time no see you...I haven´t read the backlog, but I feel I can jump to this ongoing party, verdad?

Today is my brand new first day of holidays! I really deserve them. Some say that summer is the time when parents realise how grossly underpaid teachers are... smiley - biggrin

ah, festivals.... next weekend my daughter and me go to a theatre festival:

On Friday we´ll see A Midsummer´s night dream, performed by the crew of Tim Robbins. It´s going to be with subtitles... No idea how is that...
And on saturday a play from Calderón de la Barca, a 17th century spanish playwriter ( Very trendy among German Romantics) It´s about political corruption... ha!

The time of the play it´s late, since we are also having scorching heat.

Then I´ll be in Granada with the family. Internet access is not easy in the village where I´m going to be, so I take advantage of being still near it to say you hello. smiley - smiley

all around!smiley - tea

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Post 4287


Hola, Maria! smiley - smiley I hope you enjoy your theatre festival.
I don't think I'd like to be in heat as scorching as yours. It's scorching enough here.

I remember seeing a ballet of Midsummers Nights Dream in Budapest. The scenes between Titania and Bottom were sexy. Having read the play at school I didn't realise how sexy it is. smiley - blush

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Post 4288


I feel like a child on the eve of Santa Claus day or whatever similar expectation.

smiley - smiley

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