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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Hey Daydreamers check out the brand new issue of smiley - thepost, it is rather brilliant this week! There is a little of everything there from funny stories to a lovely antelope by Willem and news from the Foundation!

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Post 3822


smiley - biggrinSpotted a black and yellow banded desert racer snake kit this evening, just after nightfall, exploring an area I'm clearing for a tropical plants section.

At about sixteen inches in length, about twice the dimensions of a newborn, presumably one of last summer's litter.

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Post 3823


Are they poisonous, your snakes?

When we went to see my brother in rural Maryland, he said he gets copperhead snakes.

I haven't seen an adder in Sussex for ages, though I've seen grass snakes, which are harmless.

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Post 3824


I've only ever seen a grass snake. Oh no, wait, I saw an adder once, on Dartmoor.

I've never been in a challenging situation with a snake. I don't think I'm tempted to wrap a snake around me, like some performers do. Although I can't think of any examples right now. smiley - rofl

What about Alice Cooper? I think he wraps himself in snakes.

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Post 3825


The desert racer is a hamless cricket eater that helps to keep down insect pests and has an unusually playful personality.

As welcome as cats, though cleaner in its habits.

In the USA west of the Rocky Mts., if a snake lacks ratt!es, its not venomous.

Especially in the American southeast, there are also copperheads, an adder variety, cottonmouth water moccasins, which will follow fish caught on a line out of the water, notable for the cotton white interior of its mouth and the coral snake, all three of which, besides the rattlesnakes. are dangerously venomous.

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Post 3826


smiley - biro...sixth word above should have been 'harmless'...

Sorry about that.smiley - zen

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Post 3827

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Your snakes sound nice. smiley - smiley

My grandparents were in a boat once, on the Calfkiller River...floating downstream, minding their own business...

poisonous snake drops into boat from overhanging branch...

...grandmother goes ballistic...

Snake caution is advised in the Southeast. smiley - winkeye

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Post 3828


Older desert racer males are notable for sometimes sporting expansive wattles, something I've seen myself with my local resident pair.

The only other serpent I know of that's commonly depicted that way is the legendary/fabulous giant sea serpent.

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Post 3829

Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Hey Daydreamers, not sure if Alice Cooper embraced snakes but he did embrace Groucho Marx as a friend. The BFI is starting a Marx Brother series in London as a tribute to their influence on western culture. Their mother Minnie would have been so proud. Check it out in this BBC item on it:

I think that 'Duck Soup' should be included in peace studies as well as their film 'Casablanca'. Also check out: A87835314 . Humour should be healing and not lead to terrorist acts.

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Post 3830


heheh Morning all!

Quite so! Humour, the healing force.

I didn't know that Alice Cooper knew Groucho.

Yes, I love Duck Soup. Definitely should be included in peace studies.

I love the Marx Bros movies that feature Margaret Dumont. She and Groucho are hilarious together. I love Margaret Dumont so much.

smiley - coffee

Funny, thinking of humour. I finally got around to watching my 2001 Space Odyssey DVD last night.

I'm going 'what you on about then, Stanley matey?' smiley - rofl. Great movie.

I thought the ape men scene at the beginning was so funny, I was cracking up. smiley - rofl. Every time they leapt around and started screeching and yelping, I was going shut-UP. smiley - rofl

smiley - coffee

There's a second disc with features about the making of the movie. I think there's an interview with Dan Richter, the mime artist/actor who plays the ape man at the beginning. Looking forward to that.

I love behind the scenes special features on DVDs. For me, they're often better than the main feature. smiley - rofl

smiley - coffee

Now I want to watch Altered States again, when William Hurt turns into an ape man.

I never did see Planet of the Apes. Should I? What about King Kong, the original. I think I'm in an ape space. smiley - rofl

smiley - coffee

Anyway, I can see how Space Odyssey achieved the cult following that it did. Imagine seeing those special effects in 1968, when special effects were a new thing. Who needs the drugs, eh? heheh.

I get overwhelmed with all the computerised special effects in movies these days. Too much. For me, even though I'm in awe at the techniques, it can take away from the power of the film.

Give me the tin can dalek and the cardboard box alien. smiley - rofl.

I'm really into HAL though. Have to admit. Brilliant. And those ape men. Shut-UP. I love them.

smiley - coffee

Off to Cornwall at the weekend, with my niece! Yay! So will be offline for a few days next week, ah peaceful for you. haha.

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Post 3831

Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - rofl Oh, DO see 'Planet of the Apes'. That film was a revelation to me. I liked the book, too, in the original French...

Margaret Dumont was amazing. Groucho Marx said the wonderful thing about her was that she was such an innocent person, she really didn't understand the innuendo. That's what made it so funny...

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Post 3832

Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

You might want have a look at Steven Soderbergh's re-edited version of Kubrick's 2001 version here free online.

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Post 3833


Thanks Elektra, that looks interesing indeed, I shall check. smiley - kiss

Especially as I've turned into an ardent fan, overnight. smiley - rofl. In fact the husband has gone off with my DVD, because he has been subjected to ape-man and HAL impersonations all day, and he wants to see why? why? ah yes, why?? (clutches brow). smiley - rofl

Oh really? So Planet of the Apes is one to see? Thanks friend. smiley - kiss You read the book in the original French?? I had no idea it came from a French book, (checks) La Planete des Singes, well what about that then?

Learn something new every day, or every hour in fact. smiley - rofl.

Ah yes, Margarent Dumont. That's interesting what Groucho said, I guess that what makes the humour so timeless.

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Post 3834

Dmitri Gheorgheni

You want to hear Groucho tell it? Here are some funny stories by him:

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Post 3835

Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

CC, I hope you had a blast in Cornwell with your niece. Here is an astonishing 60's item for you.

I know you like Ginsberg and William Blake.

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Post 3836


Ah yes, Groucho. Splendid! A treasure.

And then there's Ginsberg and Blake.

I had no idea that Ginsberg sang Blake's poetry.

I have heard him singing chants, with his harmonium. He makes me chuckle when he sings. smiley - rofl.

smiley - redwine

Yes, off to Cornwall on Sunday, for a few days. Du Maurier country calls again!

Time to pack the winter gear, camera, flask of brandy, notebooks and biros. smiley - biro

smiley - stiffdrink

See you later, luvs. smiley - kiss

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