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Oh yes, forgot to say, there's this pair of swans on the canal near us who had ten cygnets in the spring. Mrs. Swan got tangled in fish hooks and had to be put down, she was so badly inured. Everyone was upset.

So Mr. Swan has has to raise the ten kids on his own. His beak got hurt a couple of months ago, trying to protect the family, not sure how it happened, but I saw them yesterday, and they seem to be doing fine, except I only counted nine, all swimming along in a line.

The kids are quite big now though, I think they need to leave home, give Dad a break. He's done a fine job, they're very handsome and healthy.

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Post 4382

Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - rofl To know what we've been doing, read next week's issue of smiley - thepost.

Read this week's to find out about Robbie's Channel swim...

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heheh. What??? I just checked the interview with your intrepid friend Robbie, concerning the channel swim. Interesting. I like the ending. Do it! Erm, no thanks. smiley - rofl. Good read though. Nothing like a vicarious channel swim, that's what I reckon.

smiley - redwine

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - rofl They're all arguing about swimming now - I told them Americans wouldn't swim in the kind of water you Brits find refreshing. smiley - winkeye

But Robbie did an amazing thing.

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Hello, cc.smiley - smiley I'm back from France, with masses of fruit- peaches, plums and pears. I'm going to be busy looking up jam recipes and how to cook a clafouti(and whether it's a clafouti at all if it's got plums in it rather than cherries.) They're nice though. smiley - drool

As for conrete poetry I'm not sure. I've met people who argue that poetry has to rhyme, and people who argue that it's got to scan. But I might insist that the words have to mean something. But does that rule out some of Lewis Carroll? What do I mean when I say the words have to mean something? smiley - headhurts That's the sort of argument that can keep you going round in circles for thousands of years!

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He certainly did. smiley - huh Robbie. An admirable feat indeed, in the waters that are not warm. Like, cool. Like, cold. smiley - rofl

smiley - coffee

Morning mvp! Welcome home! Mmmmm smiley - drool all that fruit sounds delicious indeed. A clafouti?

(checks) Ah, a French dessert, traditionally made with black cherries, covered with a thick, flan like batter, dusted with powdered sugar, can be served with cream.

Now I am completely hungry. heheh.

I think you could invent the plum clafouti and make it your very own recipe. Then write a recipe book, with poetry on one page and recipes on the other! That would be so great. I've just decided your future.

smiley - coffee

Ah yes, the age old debate about meaning vs not-meaning. Is not-meaning different to nonsense? I can understand the graphic design of words, which is a different kind of picture on the page. Hmm, meaning vs not-meaning. Depends also what the reader/observer is looking for. You got me started now. heheh. smiley - rofl

smiley - coffee

Talking of writing, a young relative and I are off to Charleston Farmhouse at the end of Sept for a lovely day at the Small Wonder Festival.

(Charleston Farmhouse, home of Vanessa Bell (sister of Virginia Woolf) and Duncant Grant (artist), meeting place of the Bloomsbury Group.)

Did you see the BBC three part series, Life in Squares? I forgot that Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant painted the murals in Berwick Church. Must re-visit.

Anyway, my niece is a budding writer so she's attending some of the talks, and I'm lurking in the drinks tent, scribbling word paintings on the back of napkins and being quite pretentious. smiley - rofl

Actually, I'm doing the outsider events, like haiku in the garden, and possibly a South Downs walk, although might not, because of the drinks tent. smiley - rofl

If you want to attend any of the talks, you need to prebook online.

smiley - coffee

And then there's Ralph. There is? Yes. I want to ask you some questions about creating a character.

But have to go eat some imaginary clafouti for lunch, smiley - droolsmiley - rofl, so laters.

smiley - kiss

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Post 4387

Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Hey the new issue of smiley - thepost is up with smiley - bunnysmiley - bunny

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Post 4388

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Hey, CC. You're the expert on this kind of music.

Does Mr Duchovny here not make you feel you've just stepped out of a time machine back into the early 70s?

I mean, it put me in mind of this:

I do like his lyrics.

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