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Hah! I knew it. I have my answer. A message from the candle smiley. smiley - candle And being able to rabbit to the lovely people on h2g2. smiley - rofl. smiley - bunny

I don't know where the verb to rabbit came from, meaning to go on and on, because rabbits don't talk or go on and on, unless they're Harvey, but hey. Must think about that one.

smiley - bunny

But first, dear journal, I must speak about the poetry of meditation.

hmm. I was thinking about the Paranoid Tour Operator. As one does. Unless one doesn't. Then I picked out a book from my bookshelf, that I've had for years and years, my Michael McClure poetry book, Touching The Edge, Dharma Devotions from the Hummingbird Sangha. I've been reading it for hours.

OK, so Michael McClure is an established poet and writer, I am in awe, not trying to be like him, but I love the word Devotions. That's the key word. Devotions. Meditations. My own poetry of meditation.

That way I can share my rambles, if called upon, without the fear. 'Tis what it is, isn't what it isn't. Not really designed to take others on a journey, might not win prizes at the dog show, because they're not dogs smiley - dog, but it is the voice of my devotion, my meditation, for better or for worse.

What's another word for meditation? Or devotion? hmm. Need to find my own word, eventually.

Sorted. For now. I am at square one, a tiny flippy blip in the vast universe. Funny thing, I ended last term's writing group with a Mental Mushroom Meditation, and people said it sounded like I was happy.

So that's very interesing, I think. Well, a bit interesting. Actually it isn't interesting at all smiley - rofl, but I'm going to write a lot of meditations over the holidays,

smiley - candle

Daydream Journal

Post 3782


Meditation on Characterisation

Oh, have to go have supper. The green beans call. Saved by the green bean. Till later. smiley - rofl

Daydream Journal

Post 3783


So I just read Willem's Dozy Poetry. smiley - rofl, (see Willem's journal for the wonders thereof), and I'm further inspired by allowing my poetry of meditation.

This approach seems to be even calming the Paranoid Tour Operator, who just sent me a postcard informing me that he/she is on a meditation retreat.

The fact that he/she has been spotted sitting in a railway station waiting room eating a lot of raisins and looking relaxed, is quite interesting.

And also proves my point that station waiting rooms are good for meditation, because of the late running yet almost poetic transience of one's surroundings.

OK, yet another stupid paragraph. I do feel very happy though.

Was it Aldous Huxley who wrote about meditation, trying to figure out when to freeze a piece of the river and make an ice cube, (in other words, when to freeze mental images from the mindstream), and when to let it flow and watch it all go by?

Might not have been Aldous. If it was, he wrote it better than that. smiley - rofl. Sorry Aldous.

Back in a minute.

Daydream Journal

Post 3784


Waiting at the Crossing

Waiting at the pedestrian crossing, watching a tiny polystyrene cube somersaulting over the road, round and round it goes, taken by the wind.

How many civilisations can rise and fall in my mind, in the time it takes for the red light to turn to green?

And ..

smiley - run Lunch.

tbc. Trouble with me is, I use up all my time writing paragraphs about imaginary people eating raisins in station waiting rooms, and never get to my masterwork.

smiley - rofl

Happy days.

Daydream Journal

Post 3785


I'm into Christmas countdown mode.

Cards sent, presents bought (only a few this year), cake made and decorated. smiley - ok

Still to do: recipes for Christmas dinner finalised and food bought. smiley - erm

I'd like to get one of those tiny Christmas trees smiley - xmastree

My son should be home tomorrow.smiley - biggrin

So if it all gets too manic I'll wish you Happy Christmas
smiley - crackersmiley - hollysmiley - mistletoesmiley - reindeersmiley - santasmiley - xmaspudsmiley - xmastreesmiley - hug

Daydream Journal

Post 3786

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Merry Christmas to all you, too! smiley - holly

Daydream Journal

Post 3787


Hello beautiful Daydreamers

Seasons greetings to you all, I am toasting you with slow gin. I hope winter is kind to you and am sending much love smiley - lovesmiley - magic

CC, I was really happy to read that you have found a way with the meditations, devotions whatever you are going to call them, will allow you to express yourself without fear.smiley - hug

While I am supping slow gin, toasting smiley - winkeye, Spiller is carving the Solstice pumpkin smiley - pumpkin, we didn't get around to Halloween this year but did grow two large pumpkins for carving. He is carving a sun, to represent its return. smiley - cool The other is to be carved for New Year but we have not yet interpreted the theme...

*leaves Perculiar tea, a solstice special and slow gin*

smiley - hug

Daydream Journal

Post 3788

Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Hey Daydeamers---check out the festive new issue of thepost now available for viewing and commenting upon. smiley - crackersmiley - mistletoe

Daydream Journal

Post 3789


Hah! and yes!! (drinks vast quantities of slow gin) smiley - stiffdrink

smiley - candlesmiley - hollysmiley - reindeer

And Solstice greetings to you all, and Christmas greetings, and Festival greetings! May we all have a wonderful Festival, whatever it may be, yes! and soon the sun will return, and springtime energy, and wonders and wishes and kisses and reindeer. smiley - reindeer

Or other animals of our choice. Like small bears from Peru, aka Paddington. We're hoping to see the movie over Christmas. Marmalade sandwiches under our hats.

smiley - hollysmiley - candlesmiley - reindeersmiley - chocolateteapot

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