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welcome mat

Post 1


*sweeps up dust bunnies, assorted dead bugs, and tufts of long brown hair and places them in trash bin, straightens curtains, runs the feather duster around the mantelpiece, fluffs pillows and couch cushions, puts the teakettle on, and puts some biscuits on a tray*

welcome mat

Post 2


Good to see you back

welcome mat

Post 3


*Jumps up and down a bit more* Yay!

welcome mat

Post 4

Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

Yes!! *pumping fist in the air* Welcome back. smiley - hug

welcome mat

Post 5

Witty Moniker

I do believe I'm a little weepy! smiley - brave

welcome mat

Post 6

Titania (gone for lunch)

Weeee!smiley - hug

welcome mat

Post 7

marvthegrate LtG KEA

Indeed, it's good to see you back.

welcome mat

Post 8


You're weepy, Witty, because of all the dust in the air. smiley - winkeye

welcome mat

Post 9


Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! smiley - magic

welcome mat

Post 10

Good Doctor Zomnker (This must be Tuesday," said GDZ to himself, sinking low over his Dr. Pepper, "I never could get the hang of Tuesdays.")


FG, it has been entirely too long! Glad to see you back!

welcome mat

Post 11

Santragenius V

smiley - bubbly takes care of the dust, methinks smiley - biggrin

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