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where did the mars society on h2g2 go?

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you popped over to the page on the exploration of mars, and left a link to a page about the mars society on h2g2. the page now reads "deleted by the author".

out of curiosity, why?

where did the mars society on h2g2 go?

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Jim diGriz

Well, when h2g2 got taken down for a while before the BBC took over, I couldn't (of course) do anything with the page. So when it came back on line, rather than update it, I decided just to let it die.

I hadn't thought about it 'til now. Just for fun, I've uncancelled the page (which is now woefully out-of-date) and added you to the researchers list. I'm not sure whether that enables you to edit the page or not (that's my intention!).

If you want me to remove you from the researchers list, just let me know.

where did the mars society on h2g2 go?

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Out est la societé du Mars, svp.?

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