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Dinsdale Piranha

Just thought I'd say thanks for your contiributions to my 'road signs' page. I've updated it, but I still think I need some more countries - you haven't driven in Turkey have you?


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Erm, I have, but I haven't actually learned the rules of the road there. My family and I have a running debate on whether or not right turns on red are allowed. Usually, if nobody's around, we'll do it... and I've even seen cars do it at busier intersections. I'm not sure whether they're allowed or just not enforced. Distances are in metric. I believe speed limits are of the standard (to me) U.S. size.

Highway driving in Turkey is enjoyable and tends to be easy. It's the cities that are tricky.

I don't recommend driving in Istanbul or Ankara for the weak-hearted. If you must do so, take somebody who knows the area with you so they can give you directions because the road signs aren't amazingly clear. And make sure they know the area for driving, because there are plenty of one-way streets to get lost on. If you absolutely must do it on your own, make sure you know both how your destination is spelled and how it's pronounced, and which neighbourhoods it's near, so you can spot it on signs and ask directions. If you need directions and the pedestrians aren't paying attention and you speak Turkish (that's the tricky bit), feel free to pull up next to a taxi driver and ask for directions. Unfortunately, I have no clue what percentage of cabbies speak English.

If you get extremely frustrated trying to find parking, and see some cones holding a spot in front of a corner store (a "bakkal"), pause in front of the cones and nod and smile to the guys: they'll pull back the cones, and you may park and then grant them monetary compensation.

Turkish drivers tend to flash their brights a good deal more than I'm used to seeing this side of the Atlantic.

I'm sorry I can't be of more use, but I've only been driving a few times in Turkey last summer. Next time I'm there I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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